Navigating Your Back Office - Customizing Your Replicated Site

Jul 12, 2019

While the concept of a replicated site is not new to Kannaway, it has undergone massive improvements. With our former system, a prospective customer was able to visit a page that was identical to the Kannaway home page, with the benefit of being attached to your ID number. This meant that the enrollment was sponsored by you. In the new system, the idea remains the same, but you are now able to customize your replicated site to match exactly the way you want to go about building your business.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of different banners to place at the top of your page that are most relevant to you—some being product-oriented, others opportunity-based, and a few even ECHO-oriented.

On our FAQ page, you can find a comprehensive directory of Kannaway’s training videos. Watch our Customizing Your Replicated Site video to learn more about how to customize your own replicated site.

Visit our News Feed to learn more about Kannaway. We’ve also attached our updated User Guide for your reference.

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