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March 2021 FastStart Qualifers

Apr 21, 2021 March 2021 FastStart Qualifers

Today, we’re excited to recognize the Kannaway Brand Ambassadors (BAs) who became FastStart Qualified in March 2021!

Achieving FastStart Qualification is a key first step when you're building a successful long-term business in Kannaway because it leads to higher commissions over time. With FastStart Qualification, you earn three-times the Direct Sales Commissions (DSC) on Value Packs sold to personal enrollments and customers!

How Do You Become FastStart Qualified?

FastStart Qualification is available for both new and existing Kannaway BAs. If you're new to Kannaway, you need only to purchase a Value Pack during enrollment or within the first 30 days of enrollment and then, within that initial 30-day period of time, enroll three separate BAs or customers who also acquire a Value Pack. All of our Value Packs are now FastStart qualifying.

New BAs can also acquire any Value Pack within the first 30 days of enrollment and then in that 30 day period of time, also accumulate 3,000 BV in Elite Volume, to become FastStart Qualified.

If you're an existing BA, you have the opportunity to become Re-FastStart qualified every single month. To qualify in a particular month, all you need to do is enroll at least 3 new BAs or customers who purchase any Value Pack within a month’s period.

FastStart and Re-FastStart Qualifiers

Congratulations to the following new BAs in Kannaway who became FastStart Qualified for the first time, as well as our existing BAs who took the steps necessary to become Re-FastStart Qualified, last month! 

First-Time FastStart Qualifiers:

Aacc Ribeiro - Portugal

Adriana Sofia Gonzalez Briones - Mexico

Ai Matsumoto - Japan

Akemi Nakata - Japan

Akiko Makino - Japan

Akiko Nakata - Japan

Alexandra Robalo - Portugal

Alica Madrova - Slovakia

Amy Dluhy - United States

Anabel Molina Quiñonez - Mexico

Angelo Salguero - United States

Anna Moschou - Greece

Anna Stępień - Poland

Anneliese Gänsbichler - Austria

Anthony Abiera - United States

Antonia Lutz - Germany

Aoto Higuchi - Japan

Araceli Lidia Castillo Santana - Mexico

Armin Wiesenhöfer - Germany

Artur Casimiro - Portugal

Агнесса Чернова - Russia

Astrid Azevedo - Portugal

Aya Yokojima - Japan

Bailey Schweiter - United States

Beauty Le - United States

Birgit Langer - Austria

Brandon Hallman - United States

Brian Malloy - United States

Bruno Mateus - Portugal

Carla Daniela Castañeda Grimaldo - Mexico

Carlos Alfonso Carrillo Urquidi - Mexico

Carol Park - United States

Cbd Shop Toyota - Japan

Cc Cbd Ulrike Irlacher - Germany

Chieko Watanabe - Japan

Chikako Wakai - Japan

Christina Wolff - Germany

Christoph Mader - Austria

Cindy Wong - United States

Dagmar Niederkofler - Austria

Daiki Nishimori - Japan

Daniela S Naturladen - Austria

David Abel - Mexico

Deb Van Cleve - United States

Diana Urbanekova - Slovakia

Diane Brown - United States

Dr. Hartmann - United States

Eiko Nagaoka - Japan

Einklang Und Balonce Inh. E. Korecova - Austria

Elisabeth Litschauer - Austria

Elisavet Cherouveim - Greece

Elvia Ramos Cardenas - Mexico

Energie Praxis Gwercher - Austria

Erwin Mezael Chavarría Martínez - Mexico

Ethan Brossart - United States

Etsuko Hagiwara - Japan

Etsuko Nishio - Japan

Etsuko Takenoue - Japan

Etuko Lawson - Japan

Eurico Silvestre - Portugal

Europahof Th.Friese - Austria

F. K. - Germany

Familia Cabe - Portugal

Federico Garcia - Mexico

Fernando Cordova Rubio - Mexico

Fliehende Stürme Inh. A. Löhr - Germany

Frederik Neuner - Germany

Fusako Segawa - Japan

Georg Deisinger - Austria

Georgina Ivonne Mendoza Muñoz - Mexico

Gilberto Antonio Salazar Cedeño - Mexico

Goldene Aue - Germany

Green Orange - Japan

Hector Simon Perez Mendoza - Mexico

Hidehiko Kondou - Japan

Hiroko Wakaume - Japan

Hiroko Watanabe - Japan

Hiroshi Ito - Japan

Hiroshi Kuno - Japan

Hiroyasu Yokoyama - Japan

Hisako Ishikawa - Japan

Hitomi Fukunaga - Japan

Hitomi Kato - Japan

Ikeda Cbd - Japan

Ineko Oki - Japan

Ingrid Gschwandter - Austria

Ioulia Refene - Greece

Istvan Janos Orgovan - Hungary

It'S Your Time - Portugal

Jaclyn Warrington - United States

Jadwiga Rogucka - Poland

Jakub Śnieżek - Poland

Jessica Schneider - United States

Jodeci Le - United States

Joni Van Horn - United States

Josef Neuner - Germany

Juan Pablo Guerrero Aguilar - Mexico

Juan Salgado Ramos - Mexico

Julia Gasperlmayr - Austria

Julia Voelmle - Germany

Julian Wiesenhöfer - Germany

Junko Hojo - Japan

Kaji Masae - Japan

Kana Taniguchi - Japan

Kaoru Yamada - Japan

Katrina High - United States

Kayla Beardsley - United States

Kazumasa Tsutsumi - Japan

Keiko Shimanuki - Japan

Kenichi Kiyotani - Japan

Kevin Jared Fernandez Molina - United States

Kimiko Cho - Japan

Kiyoko Ishikawa - Japan

Kiyomi Sakogawa - Japan

Kiyomi Suzuki - Japan

Kiyotake Watanabe - Japan

Koto Okada - Japan

Kouichi Oki - Japan

Kumiko Hashimoto - Japan

Kunie Arino - Japan

Kyoko Nakajima - Japan

Kyoko Shibata - Japan

Kyoko Takahashi - Japan

Kyoko Tamamura - Japan

Kyomi Nishio - Japan

Lee Mchugh - United Kingdom

Linda Londer - United States

Londer Family Chiropractic Center - United States

Lucero Claudia De Alva Fernandez - Mexico

Luis Carlos Lara Herrera - Mexico

Lukas Albin - Germany

Luz Elena Vazquez Pedroza - Mexico

Madalena Maia - Portugal

Make A Change - Portugal

Makiko Sugibayashi - Japan

Marc Fein - United States

Marcelo Abraham Ziliani Manzor - Mexico

Mari Yano - Japan

Maria Concepcion Castañeda Fierro - Mexico

Maria Estela Reyes Hernandez - Mexico

Maria Lerchner - Austria

Maria Pimenta - Portugal

Mariko Naruse - Japan

Mariko Takeuchi - Japan

Mark Janos Zalavari - Hungary

Marlene Wurm - Austria

Martina Asenbaum - Austria

Martina Hanigovská - Slovakia

Mary Mcguffie - United Kingdom

Masakazu Hagiwara - Japan

Masami Yamazaki - Japan

Megumi Matsumoto - Japan

Megumi Nakayama - Japan

Melanie Wirth - Germany

Melissa-Alexie K. Le - United States

Michie Hanba - Japan

Michiko Horimoto - Japan

Midori Oota - Japan

Midori Tanida - Japan

Miguel Angel Mendoza Flores - Mexico

Miguel Pereira - Portugal

Miki Oka - Japan

Miriam Azucena Sánchez Castañeda - Mexico

Miyuki Okino - Japan

Mizuho Morimoto - Japan

Monika Wiesenhöfer - Germany

Nakata Yoshihiro - Japan

Naoaki Sawai - Japan

Naoki Taga - Japan

Naoko Matsumoto - Japan

Natalie Desanto - United States

Natalie Hurle - United Kingdom

Natalie Zozzaro - United States

Nick Sephton - United Kingdom

Nikolas Oikonomou - United States

Noriko Harada - Japan

Norio Suzuki - Japan

Osamu Hanba - Japan

Pedro Cardoso - Portugal

Petronela Genszka - Switzerland

Philippe Et Georgette Lalaus - France

Piotr Milczarek - Austria

Raphaela Mader - Austria

Reiko Morikoshi - Japan

Rena - Japan

Renata Schneider - Austria

Renate Schneese - Germany

Ricardo Carlos Castro Y Julisa Castillo - Mexico

Rie Ishikawa - Japan

Ritsuko Seki - Japan

Sachiko Kasugano - Japan

Sachiko Suzuki - Japan

Sanae Nakajima - Japan

Sandorne Nagy - Hungary

Sandra Dias Alves - Portugal

Sarah Kunz - Germany

Sarah Patricia - Austria

Sarah Topham - United Kingdom

Satomi Fujiwara - Japan

Satomi Itahashi - Japan

Satsuki Honda - Japan

Sayaka Kushida - Japan

Setsuko Kaneko - Japan

Shelly Burnett - United States

Shinpei Tumura - Japan

Simon Hillermann - Germany

Smile Again Coaching - Germany

Sofia Bouri - Greece

Sónia Mota - Portugal

Suguru Higuchi - Japan

Sumiyo Ogawa - Japan

Swabian Sales - Germany

Taiki Hashimoto - Japan

Takako Takimoto - Japan

Takayo Tanabe - Japan

Takayuki Yamada - Japan

Tara Beardsley - United States

Tazuko Nagamatu - Japan

Teresa Basto - Portugal

Thais Jiménez - Germany

Tia Amason - United States

Toki Ishizuka - Japan

Tomoko Sato - Japan

Torke Sabine - Germany

Toshiko Sato - Japan

Toshiyo Yokojima - Japan

Tsuyako Hoketsu - Japan

Waltraud Riss - Austria

Wege Zum Wunschgewicht - Austria

Wellness & Gesundheit A. Hillermann - Germany

Wellnesso - Hungary

Will Oliver - United States

Yasuko Koga - Japan

Yasuko Mikami - Japan

Yasutoshi Asahi - Japan

Yasuyo Itokazu - Japan

Yazmin Otero Briz - Mexico

Yohko Ikenobe - Japan

Yokiawa - Japan

Yoko Hariguchi - Japan

Yukari Kawashima - Japan

Yukiko Takiguchi - Japan

Yuko - Japan

Yuko Tamai - Japan

Yumi Kanamori - Japan

Yuu Terada - Japan

Re-FastStart Qualifiers:

Ai Nakamura - Japan

Ann Roth - United States

Annette Hillermann - Germany

Billy & Sue Wilkinson - United States

Bruno Mateus - Portugal

CBD of KC - United States

Connie Pickar - United States

Daniel Sarver - United States

Eva Hrescakova - Slovakia

Fa. Rudolf Korntheuer - Austria

Filipa Valente - Portugal

Hemp Vie - Portugal

Hiroyuki Yokota - Japan

Jay Holmes - United Kingdom

Julie Fein - United States

Maki Suzuki - Japan

Marco Varga - Slovakia

Mary Abiera - United States

Midwest Natural Health Center - United States

Motoko Taniguchi - Japan

Rainer Reindl - Germany

Randy & Samantha Schroeder - United States

Renita & Scott Brannan - United States

soulhemp - Japan

Theresia Mackey - United States

Tracy DeSanto - United States

Yoshie Watanabe - Japan

Yukiko Oshiro - Japan

Yuko Inoue - Japan

Make sure you and your team members take advantage of the opportunities that come with qualifying for FastStart, the quickest path toward success in Kannaway!

Regularly visit the Kannaway News Feed to make sure you stay on top of our latest initiatives, promotions, business-building opportunities, education, and more.

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