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Leaders From Kannaway & Our Family of Companies Featured by Reuters, NBC News, and Other National Outlets

Mar 12, 2021 Leaders From Kannaway & Our Family of Companies Featured by Reuters, NBC News, and Other National Outlets

Kannaway's parent company, Medical Marijuana, Inc., and our family of companies have been active from the beginning advocating for access to cannabis and CBD in Mexico.

It's because of those efforts that our company's leaders were recently called on by national outlets to share their expertise and thoughts on the forthcoming monumental cannabis policy changes there.

Raul Elizalde, an executive with a company within the Medical Marijuana, Inc. family, was featured in a national NBC News article discussing the changing cannabis laws in Mexico.

NBC News included in its article the story of Raul and his family's fight for access to CBD in Mexico to support the health of their young daughter, Grace. Raul’s efforts were instrumental in driving cannabis reform in Mexico. The country approved its very first cannabis product -- a Medical Marijuana, Inc. hemp CBD oil -- as a prescription medication for Grace early in 2016.

“There was not a lot of information back then in 2015,” Raul shared with NBC News. “It was hard to find any information about cannabis, especially CBD.”

Visit NBC News to read the article in its entirety. This article was picked up by several outlets, including Yahoo and MSN.

Also recently, Kannaway Founder Dr. Stuart Titus was quoted in a Reuters article on the recent cannabis legislation in Mexico.

Reuters Staff asked Dr. Titus for his thoughts about the landmark cannabis bill, which is expected to create one of the largest cannabis markets in the world.

Titus described full cannabis legalization in Mexico as likely to “dramatically transform the economic landscape” in the country, due to the creation of new jobs and a boost in tax revenue.

“Much of Mexico’s cannabis has been black market and the resulting war on drugs has proven to be a huge failure. The right solution: legalize, tax and regulate this market,” he added.

Visit Reuters to read the article in its entirety. The article was also picked up by top-tier national news outlets, including NASDAQ, U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo Finance, National Post,, MSN, Today, The Globe and Mail, StreetInsider, and more.

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