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Kannaway: The Leader in High-Quality CBD

Dec 8, 2020 Kannaway: The Leader in High-Quality CBD

At Kannaway, it is our mission to bring the health benefits of cannabis to as many people around the world as possible, while helping you to build a sustainable business.

In many established industries, it’s easy to take high-quality, safe, and legal products for granted. However, when it comes to emerging product categories like CBD and other cannabinoids, it takes careful planning and expertise to bring to market products that are not only of the highest quality, but can be relied on as the foundation of your business.

Since we launched in 2014, many other companies have attempted to take advantage of “the green rush”, bringing products to market that lack Kannaway’s quality, and conduct business in legally precarious ways that may allow them to generate revenue quickly, but put the livelihoods of Brand Ambassadors at risk.

At Kannaway, we have and always will do what it takes to bring you the highest quality hemp wellness products, while also giving you the peace of mind that as you strive to build your business, we are closely following all laws, regulations and best practices to ensure long term success.

Some Kannaway’s practices that help you build a sustainable business include:

1. Superior European Hemp

The CBD oils you buy from Kannaway are made from certified European hemp. This ensures that your CBD oils are made from a high-quality hemp crop.

Did you know that it only became federally legal to grow hemp in the United States in December of 2018? Before that, growing hemp had been illegal since before World War I.

While U.S. farmers are just beginning to familiarize themselves with growing hemp, European farmers have continuously grown hemp for at least the last 700 years, and subsequently have mastered the art of naturally cultivating this widely beneficial plant. These experienced hemp farmers use generations-old natural cultivation practices and ideal microclimates to product flourishing plants with an ideal cannabinoid content.

For our Kannaway Europe family, it’s important to note that sourcing from certified European hemp also complies with European law. In fact, only hemp strains produced in Europe are legal to sell in Europe. Did you know that in Europe, it’s illegal to sell hemp extracts imported from the United States? Unfortunately, it’s come to our attention that some companies operating in Europe sell U.S. sourced hemp. As long as this remains illegal, working with companies who use this practice is an incredibly risky decision.

2. One of the First Companies Certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority

Our products have become synonymous with the highest quality -- you can ask the experts. Kannaway was one of the first companies certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, the country’s premier CBD oil quality certification organization.

This prestigious certification has become the industry’s official stamp of approval for trustworthy hemp companies. Being among the first small selection of hemp companies and brands to receive this seal is an important recognition of the quality and safety measures we have instituted to ensure the quality and integrity of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.

Because of our unwavering commitment to delivering the safest and highest-quality CBD available, we take our manufacturing and testing processes seriously, and today that’s more important than ever. As the demand for CBD products quickly expands and more people become familiar with their natural wellness benefits, new companies hoping to take advantage have entered the market. In case you are wondering if all CBD is the same, they are not. Kannaway’s acceptance by the U.S. Hemp Authority is an important milestone in confirming the superiority of our hemp and CBD products.

3. Long-Standing European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) Members

There is no denying that hemp has revolutionary benefits, and many regulators throughout Europe are still educating themselves about the advantages and safety of these new hemp-based products.

During this time of uncertainty and progress, we make a point to work closely with the European Industrial Hemp Association, known as EIHA, which has operated for over 15 years, educating regulators and other decision-makers across Europe.

Our close alignment with EIHA and the weight we give to their guidance as we strive forward in this industry allows us to confidently offer the Kannaway business opportunity. Kannaway will always work to be a leader in the cannabis and hemp space while benefiting from the expertise of Europe’s most respected hemp industry association.

4. Green, Blue and Gold: True Full Spectrum Extracts

As CBD becomes more popular across the U.S. and Europe, some companies look to capitalize on the trend by offering low-quality tinctures. You likely already know that full or broad-spectrum hemp extracts are more beneficial than isolate based products, but all full-spectrum products are not created equal.

Kannaway’s full-spectrum hemp extracts are simply unparalleled. Our CBD oils, packaged in oral applicators, are unlike any other product on the market and include the full profile of the hemp plant. The hemp extracts contained in our Green, Blue, and Gold Enriched Hemp Oils and our Gold Premium and Premium Hemp Oils, are delicately extracted from the plant, using a low-heat, gentle process.

The result is a thick oil extract that contains a complete profile of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other botanical constituents -- all the compounds you can find in the original hemp plant (with no more than trace levels of THC), along with additional terpenes and beneficial vitamins.

While full spectrum tinctures you may find online or on shelves advertise a full spectrum product or a range of cannabinoids, they are in no way comparable to our full-spectrum CBD oil extracts. Learn more about them here.

If you’re considering becoming a part of the hemp industry, we strongly encourage you to work with a company whose track record shows that they will support your long term success.

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