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Kannaway Special Launch Event Recap

Oct 17, 2020 Kannaway Special Launch Event Recap

On Saturday, October 17th we hosted our exciting interactive Special Launch Event, where we unveiled our 5 new revolutionary products, offered training from some of our leading Brand Ambassadors, and launched some great limited-time promotions.

We introduced you to our entirely new Evolve Bundle and Evolve product line, made up of 3 innovative products designed to jumpstart your metabolism, boost energy, and ignite your body’s natural immunity. We also shared our new line of products made with pure CBN, an all-new, newly-understood cannabinoid known for its natural sleep-promoting properties.

If you couldn’t join the event, watch the replay or keep reading for a run down of all the fantastic products and promotions we just announced! 

New Kannaway Evolve Product Line


Based on the knowledge of some of the foremost experts in human nutrition, fitness, CBD, and evolutionary science, Evolve is a simple and accessible 8-week fitness plan focused on four fundamentals: Food, movement, sleep, and nourishing your body’s endocannabinoid system. In Evolve, you’re given our brand-new Evolve products to support you on your journey to a more fulfilling life, practical tools to keep you on track, plus direct support and live coaching from internationally renowned nutrition and fitness expert Dan Miller. The next 8-week Evolve Challenge kicks off November 2, so get your Bundle now!

Find the all-new Evolve Bundle now in the Kannaway shop.

KANNAWAY CORE Luxury Hemp Protein

Blend Luxury vegan hemp protein powder that nourishes your body from the inside out. Loaded with nutrients yet minimal in calories to support metabolism and satiety, naturally. Made with a unique superfood mix of highly-bioavailable finely-ground whole hemp hearts and hemp protein isolate to offer a complete protein profile and all the beneficial fatty acids. Prebiotic fiber helps keep your digestive system healthy. Available in delectable Chocolate Mousse and delightful Vanilla Creme Brulee.

Find Kannaway Core now in both Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Creme Brulee in the Kannaway shop. You can also get both flavors with our Core Shake Duo.

KANNAWAY SPARK Energy & Metabolism Booster

Gentle energy and metabolism booster designed to provide your body with the tools it needs to jumpstart your body's metabolic processes so you defy fatigue. Take any time low energy drags you down, without having to worry about a crash later. A botanical blend of guarana, taurine, bitter orange root, cordyceps, mushroom, and ashwagandha SPARKS your body generate natural energy itself.

Find Kannaway Spark now in the Kannaway shop.


Chewable Tablets Chewable tablets made with a crafted blend of two unique and carefully considered ingredients to supercharge your system's first-line response to immuno-compromising invaders and stress. Together, Proimmune®’s Immune Formulation 200® and Vitamin D ignite your body's natural immunity. Designed to be used synergistically alongside CBD to further support a healthy performance of the immune system.

Find Kannaway Boost now in the Kannaway shop.

Pure CBN Product Line

We were also excited to introduce an all-new cannabinoid! Now you can unwind at bedtime with the help of the revolutionary, newly-understood cannabinoid, CBN. Known as the "sleepy cannabinoid," CBN naturally lulls you into better slumber while promoting homeostasis.


Available now, Pure CBN Liquid is made with a calming blend of pure CBN (10 mg of CBD per serving) and sustainably sourced MCT oil to naturally enhance bioavailability.

Find Pure CBN Liquid now in the Kannaway shop.


Pure CBN Gel Capsules contain 20 mg of pure CBN plus MCT oil, for the most convenient way to enjoy the tranquil benefits of CBN in the evenings.

Find Pure CBN Gel Capsules now in the Kannaway shop.

Event Recap

Justin Stephens, Kannaway Senior Director of Business Operations, served as event host and guided us through the roughly 90-minute event, which featured a terrific lineup of speakers made up of Kannaway executives, an internationally renowned nutrition and fitness expert, and cannabis icons.

Kannaway CEO Blake Schroeder was on hand to speak about the evolution of Kannaway and our recent educational Cannabis Fitness Revealed Pre-Launch Event. Kannaway President Stephen Jones partnered up with America’s most in-demand wellness expert and Evolve leader Dan Miller to introduce our all-new Evolve Bundle and talk through the 4 pillars of the unique fitness program.

We were also honored to have top Kannaway Brand Ambassadors Valerie Aliosio and Randy Shroeder offer training on how best to introduce the newly-launched products to new customers. They broke down how to make the most of the Evolve opportunity, and offered valuable insight on how to kickstart your business in Kannaway using the new Evolve program.

If you missed the event or would like to revisit it, you can now watch the replay!

Special Launch Event Promotion

In celebration of the launch, we also announced limited-time big savings opportunities on both our newly-launched products and many long-time Kannaway favorites. Discounted pricing will be viewable once you add your desired item(s) to your cart.

New Product Savings - through 10/23

Between Saturday, October 17th at 11 AM PDT and 11:59 PM PDT on Friday, October 23, save on our 3 new Evolve products, our all-new Evolve Bundle, and our revolutionary cannabinol (CBN) liquid. Want to experience both the Evolve line and CBN? Take a look at the savings on our new Evolve Launch Bundle!

Special Launch Event Promotions - through 10/19

As part of our Special Launch Event celebrations, we’re also offering limited-time savings on many of your treasured Kannaway products! These savings are only available between Saturday, October 17th at 11 AM PDT and 11:59 PM PDT on Monday, October 19th, so you’ll need to act quick!

Get started with a new Kannaway staple or stock up on your CBD favorites with our limited-time Buy One, Get One 50% Off promotion, and 25-50% savings on hemp skincare, nutrition products, and even CBD-infused artisanally-baked cat treats.

Get full Special Launch Event Promotion details HERE. Celebrate the Special Launch Event with Kannaway by taking advantage of these incredible opportunities!

These new remarkable products bring new opportunities and new expectations for your personal health and helping others through your business with Kannaway. Let's all make the most of them!

Stay on top of the latest Kannaway webinars, live events, business-building resources, CBD education, and more by regularly taking a look at our News Feed.

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