Kannaway’s Triple Lab Testing™ Sets the Standard for Quality

Dec 21, 2020 Kannaway’s Triple Lab Testing™ Sets the Standard for Quality

At Kannaway, we care about the health and well-being of you and your family, and we’re driven to ensure that you will be satisfied with your Kannaway products, each and every time. That’s why, as The Premiere Cannabis Company, we developed our distinctive Triple Lab Tested™ process, the strictest lab testing standard in the industry.

Below, we dive into the procedures we use to make sure all Kannaway products that reach your doorsteps are always safe, and of the highest quality.

Developing the Industry-Leading Standard

When our company initially began crafting our hemp cannabinoid products for distribution both nationally and internationally through our dedicated network of Brand Ambassadors, we were the only direct selling company doing so.

This meant we were tasked with innovating many of the techniques, technologies, and even quality control measures we use every day to bring you only the best hemp CBD products. Most important among these developments? The creation of our rigorous testing standard!

With hemp CBD oil, it’s crucial to beware of the imitators. In the cannabis industry, where things are growing and changing so quickly, it’s not uncommon for producers to cut corners or make mistakes. There’s only one company that created the industry-leading Triple Lab Testing™ process and focuses on precision and care as we manufacture our final products like we do.

When we set out to craft our Triple Lab Testing™ process, we were motivated to protect you, our end users, and your families, and we’re proud to work with one of the most respected cannabis testing laboratories to make sure everything is exactly right.

When it comes to quality, we leave nothing to chance. That's why, as part of our stringent Triple Lab Tested™ standard, we inspect each batch of our hemp oil at three different points in the manufacturing process to ensure its safety and consistency.

Our Triple Lab Testing™ Standard

Kannaway’s Triple Lab Testing™ process involves checking the quality and purity of our hemp CBD oil at three separate points during manufacturing to guarantee the integrity of our products.

First, our hemp is tested by our cultivar periodically throughout the plant’s growing season and then again immediately after harvest. This initial testing allows our experienced growers to establish optimal cannabinoid content of our oil, as well as and protect against any residual contaminants. While our families of farmers cultivate our hemp plants naturally, without the use of herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers, we still carefully inspect our oil after harvest for chemicals, heavy metals, and any other potential contaminants that can negatively impact the quality of our products.

At the second point of testing, our hemp oil is examined by an independent, accredited testing lab that specializes in the cannabis space to check for consistent ratios of CBD, CBDa, CBG, THC, and over a half dozen other cannabinoids. These labs also verify the safety of our oil by checking for mold, mildew, fungus, yeast, E.coli, Salmonella, Mycotoxins, heavy metals, and residual solvents to shield our customers from any contamination.

Only then is our hemp oil passed on to our formulators, which is certified as using Good Manufacturing Practices for foods and supplements. It’s here, after our high-quality hemp oil is crafted into our range of hemp CBD oil products, that we batch test our finished products a final time to once again verify that they will be safe and consistent for all our users.

Kannaway's commitment to product quality and purity has driven us to develop and follow the strictest testing process in our industry, the Triple Lab Tested™ standard. This guarantees high-quality and safe products, every time. If you’re curious about test results for a Kannaway product, you can visit our Lab Results page for a copy of the test results.

Discover more about Kannaway and our quality control standards, from our Soil to Sale™ pledge to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, on our News Feed.

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