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Kannaway’s 4 Areas of Focus

Feb 17, 2021 Kannaway’s 4 Areas of Focus

At Kannaway, 2021 is the year of “focus.” What is Kannaway focused on? You! This year, our company’s number one priority is supporting our community of dedicated Brand Ambassadors.

Kannaway is a place that makes people’s lives better. As we made plans for 2021, we made sure that every new system, process, resource, and product that we intend to introduce aligns with at least one of four of the areas of focus that support you: Health & Wellness, Meaning & Fulfillment, Financial Prosperity, and Personal Growth.

With our plans of action in 2021 driven by these 4 carefully considered areas of focus, we believe we’ll better position you and the entire Kannaway community for a thriving year.

Focus #1: Health & Wellness

The cornerstone of a prosperous, happy life is a healthy life. Whatever your personal goals and aspirations may be, they are all reliant on you being healthy and well enough to accomplish them.

Cannabis is one of nature’s most wondrous resources, and when you’re a part of the Kannaway community, you’re helping to revolutionize health and wellness around the world through the plant’s unique compounds and nutrients. Many of the Kannaway products that you use yourself and share with others originate from Kannaway’s flagship farm, where 5th generation farmers grow our signature, certified organic hemp. To better touch more people with cannabis and suit everyone’s needs, you also have access to nourishing cannabinoid products crafted from our newer certified hemp farms, one in the United States and another in Europe.

When you’re a part of the Kannaway family, you’re delivering world-class products that improve the quality of your life and those around you. By partnering with an industry-leading company with a state of the art production facility and best-in-class testing processes, you’re sharing with the world a range of grade A, life-changing products we can all be proud of and put our confidence behind.

Kannaway was one of the first companies certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, the country’s premier CBD oil quality certification organization. We also have the first CBD product ever to be included among the prescribing guidelines provided in the U.s. Prescribers' Digital Reference (PDF), an important healthcare resource. But most important are the positive wellness experiences you, and others in your community, have had with Kannaway products.

From our quality flagship and certified farms, to our world-class products offering a spectrum of life-changing cannabinoids, revolutionary fitness and nutritional ingredients, and nourishing plant-based skincare solutions - Kannaway is the best choice for supporting the health of you and those in your community with hemp.

Focus #2: Meaning & Fulfillment

When you’re involved with Kannaway, you’re a part of a movement and a mission to change the world for the better using the best gifts mother nature has given us. With it, comes the feeling at the end of each day that you’ve done work that really matters.

Together, we make the world a more positive place through our partnership with the non-profit organization ECHO, which supports special needs families seeking the beneficial properties of CBD. As part of the Kannaway community, you can build philanthropy in the way that you do business and make a profound difference in the lives of families around the world. Tools such as ECHO Commissions Donations and Click to Care contributions directly support families with health-supporting CBD product donations and financial assistance.

Through our Hemp for Humanity educational online resource and events, we’re also working to educate the world about the sustainability and health benefits of hemp. Like you, we at Kannaway believe that access to hemp is a human right, and through our Hemp for Humanity initiative, together we can stand up for the legality of hemp and hemp-based products such as CBD oil.

Kannaway was founded with the goal of changing people’s lives around the world through the blessings of cannabinoids. Through these programs, you have the opportunity to make the direct impact you want to have in the world.

Focus #3: Financial Prosperity

Financial health is fundamentally key to living a happy and successful life, so we’re focused on supporting, encouraging and rewarding Brand Ambassadors who are actively engaged in sharing Kannaway with others.

Whether you’re looking to generate additional income on the side or an unlimited earning potential, when you join Kannaway, you get access to an incredible, industry-leading Compensation Plan that pays out all over the world and makes a big difference in the financial lives of all types of people. You also have the opportunity to earn recognition and prize incentives that are in a class of their own, including memorable Elite Retreats to unforgettable locations.

For you, opportunities abound for extra income and exciting rewards through our generous, industry-leading compensation plan, featuring valuable commission-earning resources such as Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) milestones, initiatives like FastStart Qualification, and our upcoming affiliate program. Kannaway offers a unique business opportunity for those seeking financial peace of mind.

Focus #4: Personal Growth

Being a part of the Kannaway family means becoming the best version of yourself and improving in every area of your life; physically, financially, mentally, and emotionally.

We want everyone who is involved with Kannaway to gain value above and beyond products sold and money earned. As part of the Kannaway community, you get to regularly attend educational seminars, interactive events, and training sessions that are designed to support the personal development of each and every person within our Kannaway community.

We at Kannaway want to support you in your journey to becoming a better person. This year in Kannaway, you’ll be introduced to even more ways that can help you improve every area of your life, and develop into the best version of yourself.

Supporting our Brand Ambassadors is our top priority and our renewed areas of focus in 2021 are a testament to that! We are completely focused on the things that will help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

You can now find Kannaway’s 4 Areas of Focus one-sheet in your back office to share with your team and new enrollees. Simply log in to and navigate to Business > Marketing Materials and you'll find it listed under Marketing Collateral.

Be sure to regularly visit our News Feed to stay up on new announcements and updates, all of which will be aligned with Kannaway’s 4 areas of focus and supporting you.

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