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Kannaway’s 2020 Year in Review

Dec 30, 2020 Kannaway’s 2020 Year in Review

2020 was undoubtedly a year like no other. Yes, it will long be remembered as a whirlpool of challenges, but we hope it will also be thought of as a time in history that sparked a new era of commitment to the larger community.

At Kannaway, we’ve been inspired by the strength and resilience on display, and we’re proud to say that with the help of our valued Brand Ambassadors, we still had many victories in 2020. We expanded into a number of new countries, launched the first-ever CBD fitness program, introduced revolutionary new cannabinoid and wellness products to the market, and sponsored an observational study to further CBD research.

It was also a year of intense growth in our hemp and wellness industry, and as The Premier Cannabis Company, we proudly led the way through our innovation. As 2020 comes to a close, we wanted to reflect back on the events of the past year and the successes we had.

Entered New International Markets

One of our goals at Kannaway is to be the world’s first truly international cannabis company. To that end, we are always looking for new ways to bring our cannabinoid products and their benefits to people across the globe. This year, we are proud to have continued blazing a trail in opening up and developing new international markets.

Early in 2020, we started shipping our products to Russia, Kazakhstan, and Krygyzstan for the first time, allowing Brand Ambassadors and customers from those countries the opportunity to access the Kannaway website and Back Office in their mother tongue, order Kannaway products, and run their businesses in a fully legitimate way. In fact, we were the first-ever cannabis company to receive an import permit for Russia for CBD, and we look forward to continued growth and a great future there.

In July, we officially expanded into Vietnam, becoming one of the first CBD companies in the market. In December, we opened operations in Slovakia. With these respective launches, website assets and marketing tools became available in these country’s respective languages.

This year, we also announced our international expansion into Mexico. This process kicked off in November with a Pre-Launch phase, and we’re working hard to transition to a full opening, which we expect at some point in the first quarter of 2021.

Launched the First CBD Fitness Program

Supporting health and wellness with cannabis is at the heart of Kannaway, so it would only make sense that we navigate into the fitness realm. In February, we were excited to welcome renowned wellness expert and certified nutrition coach Dan Miller as Kannaway spokesperson.

With Dan at the helm, in May we launched the world’s first cannabis fitness program and later developed a new fitness-based product line to support that program. Evolve is Kannaway’s completely unique 8-week fitness program, designed for people of all fitness levels. It combines revolutionary products with key science that goes ignored in popular fitness programs.

To support our Evolve community on their journey to a more fulfilling life, we also created a curated collection of our CBD and nutritional products. In October, we then launched an entirely new Evolve Bundle, consisting of our brand new Evolve product line: revolutionary wellness products designed to jumpstart metabolism, boost energy, and ignite the body's natural immunity.

Throughout 2020, we completed three rounds of our 8-week Evolve Challenge and were nothing short of inspired and amazed by the incredible achievements made by the hundreds of people who participated. In August, we celebrated their stories with an “I Evolved my Life” contest, awarding cash and Kannaway cash to those with the most inspiring transformations.

In October, prior to the launch of our new Evolve Bundle and final Evolve 8-Week Challenge of 2020, we hosted an educational event called Cannabis Fitness Revealed. The complimentary 3-part video series broke down the science basis of the Evolve program, laying out principles from some of the foremost experts in CBD, cannabis, human nutrition, fitness, and evolutionary science.

Introduced Innovative New Cannabinoid Products

We knew the day would come to introduce new non-psychoactive cannabinoids, and those days arrived in 2020.

In the United States, we launched a Pure CBN line. These liquid and gel capsule products, which arrived in October, are made with 100% cannabinol (CBN), known as the “sleepy cannabinoid,” and they naturally help to support better restful sleep.

In Europe, we officially entered the cannabigerol (CBG) market with the release of our Premium CBG made with Organic Hemp Seed Oil. Each bottle contains 500 mg of CBG, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with its own natural benefits, and 200 mg of CBD.

Throughout the year, Kannaway also regularly introduced multiple new CBD products.

In March, our Europe team unveiled a new Hemp+ Calm CBD Oral Applicator, combining 2,000 mg of CBD from decarboxylated broad-spectrum hemp oil with Vitamins D and E. Later in the year, Europe also introduced Hemp+ Applicator Sleep, containing a total of 1500 mg of CBD from premium broad-spectrum hemp oil, sleep-promoting melatonin, and healthy Vitamins D and E.

Our United States team announced a new nourishing topical hemp CBD product in June. Pure CBD Topical comes in two sizes, and combines all-natural hemp CBD isolate with MCT oil to address troubled skin areas and tired muscles.

In the United States this year, Kannaway unveiled a series of limited-release products, including a CBD Bath Soak, Energy Chews, and a Holiday Personal Care Line made up of Kannaway Rebalancing Shampoo, Kannaway Purifying Conditioner, Kannaway Rejuvenating Body Wash, and Kannaway Replenishing Body Lotion for a complete CBD bath experience.

Finally, throughout the year, we also made improvements or additions to our product lines, including upping the CBD concentration in our popular Kannaway Salve by 900%, and making our Pure Gold hemp oil liquid available in a handy 1-ounce bottle with 250 mg of CBD.

Introduced TBF by Kannaway Premium Pet Food

In 2020, Kannaway announced it was partnering with a direct selling company called The Best Friend (TBF) to introduce a new pet line in Europe.

TBF became part of the Kannaway family, and in September, we launched TBF by Kannaway, a line of premium quality feed for dogs. This new Pet Food line is made up of Beef & Rice 3kg, Lamb & Rice 3kg, and Junior Complex 3kg; three quality feed formulations that deliver dogs nutritionally everything they need.

It’s just the beginning for TBF by Kannaway, as we have exciting plans to introduce hemp-based feed formulations in the future.

Recognized with Awards

As a leader in the cannabis landscape, Kannaway was awarded with several prestigious awards in 2020. To start off the year, we were recognized as the top CBD network marketing company in 2020 by Health MJ.

Our tireless work and resulting success garnered additional awards over the year, including:

Hosted International In-Person and Virtual Events

Attending, participating in, hosting, and sponsoring events is an incredibly important part of our mission to promote the benefits of cannabinoids to consumers around the world.

In the first month of the year, we hosted our very first HQ Open House at our headquarters in sunny San Diego, CA. The goal of this one-of-a-kind event was to connect leaders and their candidates with Kannaway executives and get a first-hand look at where all the magic takes place—the ideation, the strategizing, and the incredible team dynamic.

While the global pandemic kept us from hosting our major event in the United States, our second major event in Europe this year, and our Grand Opening event in Japan, we quickly adjusted so that we could still connect with our valued Brand Ambassadors.

Our last in-person event prior to the pandemic taking hold took place in February, when we hosted Kannaway Business Academy in Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic. Attendees were awarded with a hands-on, content-rich, business-focused pair of days full of training from top leaders. They were also presented with the latest cannabis science, new business building tools, and were the first to hear about new products.

Our most major virtual event of 2020 was our Special Launch Event in October, during which we unveiled our new Evolve Bundle and Evolve product line and our Pure CBN products in the United States, and the Hemp+ Applicator Sleep in Europe. We were also honored to have top Kannaway Brand Ambassadors offer special training sessions for our Brand Ambassadors.

We also held several virtual Kannaway Showcase events throughout the year. Hosted by Kannaway leaders and executives, Kannaway Showcases are a valuable tool for introducing people to Kannaway’s purpose, people, and products.

Received Media Exposure

Kannaway leads the way in advocating for cannabis access so that people around the globe can enjoy the natural wellness benefits of cannabinoids. Our pioneering efforts are regularly covered in media outlets. And as a cannabis industry icon, our Founder Dr. Stuart Titus was featured in many publications this year.

One of the highlights was in March, when Dr. Titus was quoted in Reuters and The New York Times as he offered his insight as to how the cannabis industry was being affected by the pandemic.

Then, in April, Dr. Titus was featured in U.S. News, MSN, and Yahoo Finance because of his extensive expertise in finance and stock markets. Also that month, Dr. Titus was featured in Pot.Live Podcast and Daily Mail, while Kannaway President, Stephen Jones, were quoted in Direct Selling News about the role praise and recognition plays in Kannaway events.

Also this year, Director of Kannaway Sports and NFL Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer Nick Lowery was interviewed by countless media outlets, including sharing Kannaway Sports updates during an appearance on the popular sports radio show, The Grueling Truth Podcast, in March.

Pushed CBD Science and Education

From the beginning, Kannaway has been dedicated to expanding education about cannabis and how the plant’s cannabinoids influence the body’s systems.

This year, we sponsored a CBD study with the hopes of positively impacting the lives of CBD consumers around the world. ValidCare’s Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved human trial will ascertain whether the daily use of hemp CBD products has any impact on livers of healthy adults.

In Europe, we expanded and updated the Hemp for Humanity website, an online educational resource focused on hemp and its role in sustainability, health, community, and business. We added a new blog section and made the website available in 10 languages -- English, German, French, Hungarian, Swedish, Finnish, Japanese, Russian, Danish, and Slovak.

Partnered with New Athletes | Kannaway Sports

We continued to push ahead with our Kannaway Sports initiative in 2020, partnering with a number of world-class athletes to gather testimonials about how CBD products from the company have had an impact on their lives.

This past year, we introduced new Athlete Features on Kannaway Sports, and added testimonials from:

Eric Dorsey

Christian Okoye

Shayden Pacarro and Danielle Zirk

Arthur Moats

Kevin Walker

Earl Monroe

Mike Hartman

Mike Bell

Kendall Gammon

Bryan Barker

Michael Bankston

Mark Bell

Tony Richardson

Don Horn

Darryl Clack

Kimble Anders

LeRoy Irvin

Mike Hollis

Ron Pritchard

Neil Lomax

Howard Richards

Louie Aguiar

Solomon Wilcots

Matt Pattison

Mark Duper

Joe DeLamielleure

Ron Heller

Don Silvestri

John Carney

Michelle Del Giorno

Dexter Jackson

James Donaldson

Steve Beuerlein

Bobby Bell

Lindsey VanZandt

Fat Lever

Victor Green

Mark Moseley

Steve Wisniewski

Chuck Foreman

Mark Royals

"I take the CBD oils, have never slept better and I feel great,” shared former standout NHL player Mike Harman in his testimonial. “I can’t say enough good things about them."

Inspired New Champions in Business and Life with Kannaway Champions

Life is about learning, so in July we were excited to introduce our highly valuable digital series, Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery. In this bi-weekly series, Director of Kannaway Sports Nick Lowery sits down with some absolutely incredible guests for great conversations on business, entrepreneurship, and overcoming challenges.

Over the year, Nick brought to Kannaway Champions world-class athletes like Christian Okoye and Amy Van Dyken-Rouen, innovative thinkers like James Malinchak and Leigh Steinberg, as well as top performing entrepreneurs and financial experts like Sharon Lechter and Didi Wong.

This series provides valuable lessons to our community of BAs, but is also great value to people outside of the Kannaway family.

Partnered Proudly with ECHO

Throughout the year, we also proudly worked hand-in-hand with ECHO Connection, our non-profit organization partner that’s dedicated to helping special needs families.

One of the most rewarding things a Brand Ambassador or customer can do in Kannaway is to make contributions to ECHO. The compound effect of everyone donating a little eventually amounts to a lot and makes a huge difference in hundreds, if not thousands of ECHO Families around the world. We’re proud to share that this year, we reached and then surpassed the $2 million milestone in CBD product donations to ECHO Connection.

One of the most important projects that we released in 2020 was ECHO Commissions Donations, a feature that gives our committed and generous community of Brand Ambassadors the option to directly support ECHO by giving a portion of their commissions.

Toward the end of the year, we held a Virtual 5K Walk/Run/Ride for ECHO. Presented by our Kannaway Evolve community in December, the virtual 5K encouraged everyone to walk, run, or ride a 5K course of choice while also fundraising for ECHO.

In the second half of the year, we started spotlighting some of the more than 150 families sponsored by ECHO. By sharing the stories of seven-year-old Sadie Higuera, six-year-old Lily Ann Baker, and seven-year-old Marco Rivera, we hoped to offer a closer look at some of the families who have had their lives made better through ECHO.

Introduced New Tools and Features

We are consistently looking for news ways to help our Brand Ambassadors get the most out of their Kannaway Business. That’s why we make sure that we’re always introducing or improving tools and features that they can have at their disposal.

That includes our goal of creating the best back office in the industry, so in August we launched our expanded Sample Program to make it even easier to introduce new prospects to Kannaway. Kannaway Sample Packs are made up of two of our all-time favorite products and can be requested by prospects with just a few clicks on a replicated Brand Ambassador website.

Later, in September we were excited to introduce QuickCart, making it easier than ever to spread the word of Kannaway with new customers. QuickCart allows our BAs to curate their own product bundles to streamline and simplify their message.

We also added a new back office inbox in April to help open the lines of communication and strengthen relationships between team members. In August, we added a new event calendar to present all Kannaway events in a central location, and an easy-to-follow video that breaks down the Kannaway Compensation Plan.

At Kannaway, we love being able to recognize the achievements of our Brand Ambassadors, so we were thrilled in April to release our newly updated branded recognition templates. Available under Marketing Materials, these templates help you share the big news of team members’ accomplishments. Toward the end of the year, we launched a new recognition name tool that allows Brand Ambassadors to control how they’re recognized by Kannaway. In August, we equipped the back office in August with a new rank advancement image generator meant to help celebrate wonderful achievements by team members.

We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for people to enroll in Kannaway. So in April, we revamped our Value Packs across the board, enhancing their content and business value to make it easier than ever for a new BA to join Kannaway and become acquainted with our products. In July, we launched a new Intro Value Pack made up of our best selling products, Salve and Pure Gold, priced to lower the barrier to entry for those working to establish a successful business in Kannaway.

In May, we permanently made all of our Value Packs FastStart eligible, creating an incredible new opportunity for new and existing Brand Ambassadors to earn triple Direct Sales Commissions (DSC’s) on Value Packs sold to personal enrollments.

New Notable Rank Advancements

It’s our dedicated community of Brand Ambassadors that spread the word of Kannaway, hemp, and cannabinoids. In 2020, we were honored to recognize and celebrate the hundreds of achievements by Brand Ambassadors who advanced ranks throughout the year.

Some notable advancements include Gordon Oswald of the United States, who advanced to the rank of International Director Elite. Tokyo CBD Shop and Yuko Imai, both of Japan, achieved the rank of National Director Elite for the first time, while Junko Kanayama of Japan advanced to National Director. We also had 23 Brand Ambassadors reach Regional Director Elite.

That’s a wrap! From the entire Kannaway team to yours, thank you. We can’t wait to continue to grow together and reach more people with you in 2021.

Keep up with Kannaway and new announcements, updates, and more for 2021 by regularly visiting our News Feed.

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