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Kannaway October 2020 Kickoff Call Recap

Oct 1, 2020 Kannaway October 2020 Kickoff Call Recap

With a new month nearly upon us, it is the perfect time to reevaluate and assess to see if you're on the right path to end the year off strong. And there's no better way to start your renewed mindset for the month than with some exciting news and opportunities from Kannaway President Stephen Jones! 

Things are all abuzz in the Kannaway corporate office. With our upcoming Special Launch Event and new opportunities in-the-works, there are so many exciting things coming that Stephen was excited to share with you at today's October Kick-Off Call.

In case you missed the live broadcast with Stephen earlier today, you can still catch up by watching the replay below!

Highlights from today's live call include:

Welcome the new month with new intentions and a renewed focus to keep striving toward your business goals in Kannaway. Let's all make the most of October!

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