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Kannaway Founder Dr. Stuart Titus Featured in U.S. News, MSN, and Yahoo Finance

Apr 4, 2020 Kannaway Founder Dr. Stuart Titus Featured in U.S. News, MSN, and Yahoo Finance

For years, Dr. Stuart Titus has been behind the scenes, working actively to catapult the cannabis industry to the next level and he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

But before becoming the founder of Kannaway and CEO of MJNA, Dr. Titus served a bond trader on Wall Street for 11 years.

With his extensive expertise in finance and stock markets, US News decided to feature Dr. Titus in a recent piece entitled “What to Know About Trading Penny Stocks.”

He said, "The SEC requires public companies to report earnings and maintain current investor filings. These public documents allow investors to get an idea of company business, key personnel, operations, revenue or other information that may lead to future investor value.”

"For example, a startup biotech firm is developing a medicine or drug but does not have current revenues. In the future, the drug may have a broad market appeal to the medical community. Thus, investors may place value for the company based on future operations from the drug development process. Investors can keep apprised of company activities via these public filings" added.

Be sure to access the original stories here: 

US News


Yahoo Finance

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