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Kannaway FOCUS 2021 Kickoff Event Recap

Jan 23, 2021 Kannaway FOCUS 2021 Kickoff Event Recap

We’ve just finished our FOCUS 2021 Kickoff Event, and hopefully you were there!

We introduced brand new cutting-edge cannabis products that can be enjoyed and implemented into a Kannaway business immediately, unveiled brand-new systems and policies that will position our community this year to achieve new levels of success, and even offered some can’t-miss, advanced training from some of our leading Brand Ambassadors!

At Kannaway, our mindset for 2021 is on prioritizing focus, and we were thrilled to unveil these brand new ways to support our relentlessly hard-working community of Brand Ambassadors as they dial in on the most important cornerstones for achieving their personal and financial goals.

The Kannaway community came out in force (virtually), and let it be known through their live comments, private messages, and social media posts that they’re excited about Kannaway’s new direction!

If you couldn’t join today’s event LIVE, you absolutely must catch up so that you’re fully ready to take on 2021 in Kannaway! We highly recommend you watch the replay and keep reading for an overview of all the fantastic products, policies, and resources we just announced!


Alternative language replays are available at

New Cannabis Products

Pure CBG 1000 mg

Wholesale - $79.95, 55 BV

For our United States market, we were excited to introduce an all-new cannabinoid! Now you can naturally support a better mood with the help of the revolutionary, newly-understood cannabinoid, CBG. Known as the “mother cannabinoid,” CBG positively influences your body’s endocannabinoid system in an entirely new way, and has its own unique properties that support balance and promote homeostasis while also naturally uplifting your spirits and helping you feel better every day.

Find Pure CBG 1000 mg in the Kannaway Shop.

Pure CBD Liquid 2500 mg

Wholesale - $89.95, 55 BV

We also announced for the United States our newest member of our Pure CBD line-- Pure CBD Liquid 2500 mg. This highly-concentrated hemp oil liquid combines pure CBD compounds with beneficial MCT oil, and delivers more than 83 mg of CBD in every single serving in a convenient liquid form.

Find Pure CBD Liquid 2500 mg in the Kannaway Shop.

Green Hemp Oil

Wholesale - €46, 28 BV

For our market in Europe, we unveiled our new Kannaway Green Hemp Oil, which is crafted with a superior blend of nutritious organic hemp seed oil and raw hemp oil kept in its natural state. This all-natural raw hemp oil offers the restorative benefits of the plant’s compounds while still in their “live plant,” acidic form.

Pure Gold+ 2000 mg

Wholesale - €145, 110 BV

Also for our Europe community, we expanded our popular Pure Gold line by introducing the highest CBD concentration Pure Gold product yet-- Pure Gold + 2000 mg! Pure Gold+ offers the same broad-spectrum hemp oil you’ve come to love from Pure Gold, now with even more CBD.

New Systems and Major Announcements

During today’s roughly 4-hour event, our terrific lineup of speakers made up of Kannaway executives and leaders introduced you to our brand-new systems and strategies for 2021 that will position our community for a thriving year. Take a look at some of the updates that were announced today.

We’ll be providing you with even more details about each of these announcements in the coming week!

New 4 Areas of Focus for 2021

Supporting our community of Brand Ambassadors is our top priority and our renewed areas of focus in 2021 are a testament to that. We believe that building systems, processes, and resources that align with these 4 carefully considered areas of focus will position the Kannaway community for a thriving year: Health & Wellness, Meaning & Fulfillment, Financial Prosperity, and Personal Growth. More details forthcoming, but for now Kannaway Brand Ambassadors can find a 4 Areas of Focus One-Sheet in their back office starting today.

All-New Value Packs

We also introduced all-new Value Packs for 2021, which are live today and now available for Brand Ambassadors enrolling in Kannaway for the first time. Featuring a wide range of Kannaway best-sellers, as well as our newly-released innovative cannabis products, we’re excited to release these new packs!

New Pricing Policies

We also revealed new pricing policies designed to make prices across likewise products similar, as well as make it easier to understand how much BV is generated. With this change, which takes effect starting January 25th, 2021, you will notice more of our products sharing the same price, as well as products being assigned BV mostly at levels of 110, 55, 28, and 14.

Take a look at the new pricing changes below!

Updated pricing in the United States includes:

Gold Premium Hemp Oil

  • Was: Wholesale - $385.99, 285 BV | Now: Wholesale - $299.95, 190 BV

Premium Hemp Oil Liquid

  • Was: Wholesale - $152.99, 110 BV | Now: Wholesale - $149.95, 110 BV

Pure Gold Liquid 1500 mg

  • Was: Wholesale - $155.99, 110 BV | Now: Wholesale - $149.95, 110 BV

Pure CBD Liquid 1500 mg (NOW 2500 mg)

  • Was: Wholesale - $147.99, 110 BV | Now: Wholesale - $89.95, 55 BV

Premium Hemp Oil Capsules

  • Was: Wholesale - $93.99, 60 BV | Now: Wholesale - $84.95, 55 BV

Pure Gold Gel Capsules

  • Was: Wholesale - $99.99, 68 BV | Now: Wholesale - $84.95, 55 BV

Pure CBD Capsules

  • Was: Wholesale - $88.99, 55 BV | Now: Wholesale - $44.95, 28 BV

Pure CBN Liquid

  • Was: Wholesale - $79.99, 50 BV | Now: Wholesale - 794.95, 55 BV

Pure CBN Capsules

  • Was: Wholesale - $109.99, 70 BV | Now: Wholesale - $89.95, 55 BV

Kannaway Core Luxury Hemp Protein - Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Creme Brulee

  • Was: Wholesale - $79, 42 BV | Now: Wholesale - $64.95, 28 BV

Kannaway Boost Immune Support

  • Was: Wholesale - $59.99, 33 BV | Now: Wholesale - $49.95, 28 BV

Kannaway Spark Energy & Metabolism Booster

  • Was: Wholesale - $39.99, 22 BV | Now: Wholesale - $49.95, 28 BV

Updated pricing in Europe includes:

Pure Gold 1000 mg

  • Was: Wholesale - €129.99, 110 BV | Now: Wholesale - €86.99, 55 BV

Hemp+ Active Oral Applicator

  • Was: Wholesale - €299, 230 BV | Now: Wholesale - €269, 190 BV

Hemp+ Calm Oral Applicator

  • Was: Wholesale - €209, 160 BV | Now: Wholesale - €169, 110 BV

Hemp+ Sleep Oral Applicator

  • Was: Wholesale - €199, 135 BV | Now: Wholesale - €159, 110 BV

Pure Gold Soft Gels

  • Was: Wholesale - €87, 68 BV | Now: Wholesale - €79, 55 BV

Premium CBG Oil

  • Was: Wholesale - €79.99, 55 BV | Now: Wholesale - €51.79, 28 BV

Updated Ranks & Recognition

Our focus in 2021 is supporting, encouraging and rewarding Brand Ambassadors who are actively engaged in sharing Kannaway with others, so we announced updates to our Ranks and Recognition program. We’re discontinuing dual Elite level ranks, refreshing the requirements to qualify for our Director Rank, and updating Executive and Area Director ranks with Elite Volume requirements as of April 1, 2021 to help remove any confusion around ranks and how people can achieve them. We’re also introducing a brand new first-step Manager rank.

Introducing Team Elite

Achieving a new rank is great! Achieving a new rank and maintaining it is truly something to be celebrated. For this reason, we are introducing Team Elite recognition. To be a member of the Team Elite and benefit from all the perks that come with being part of the team, Brand Ambassadors must achieve Regional Director or higher, and maintain their highest achieved rank for 9 out of 12 months.

Upgraded SmartShip Rewards

To better reward every Kannaway customer and Brand Ambassador who enrolls on SmartShip, we updated our SmartShip Rewards Program! Now, those on SmartShip will be awarded a 10% discount on their SmartShip orders (*min. 110 BV, primary SmartShip running prior to the 18th of the month) every single month while still having access to company sales and discounts. The new SmartShip Rewards program allows for two orders per month where the discount applies.

Fantastic Special Guests

Supporting our wonderful executive team on the live broadcast of our FOCUS 2021 Kickoff Event was an incredible line-up of guest speakers!

We were delighted to hear from Brian Higuera, the newly-appointed President of our non-profit partner, ECHO Connection. Brain gave the Kannaway community insight into his plans for the future of the organization and how he intends to ensure even more families across the globe are supported with CBD and financial assistance.

Nick Lowery, Director of Kannaway Sports, was also on hand to offer inspiring words on how to overcome adversity to reach success, drawing on his own experience of being cut from several NFL teams before eventually going on to have a historically successful professional career.

Dan Miller, Kannaway Evolve leader and health and wellness expert, also joined us to share an update on the awe-inspiring transformations being made by those participating in Evolve, Kannaway’s unique fitness program. Dan, per usual, was a shining moment of the event as he provided us with both education and inspiration as we all strive to become happier and healthier humans.

Our Kannaway community also had the opportunity to receive advanced leadership training from two of Kannaway’s top Brand Ambassadors. Kannaway Crown Ambassadors Randy Schroeder and Valerie Aloisio shared with attendees invaluable network marketing advice and tips, pulling from the knowledge they’ve gained from decades of success.

Limited-Time Kannaway FOCUS Special Offers

In celebration of the event and the launch of our new products, we also announced limited-time savings opportunities on both our newly-launched products and several long-time Kannaway favorites. we’re also thrilled to offer limited-time $1/€1 Brand Ambassador Membership Fee pricing for those who enroll with an initial ordering of at least 55 BV!

10% Off Savings

Between Saturday, January 23rd and 11:59 pm PST on Sunday, January 31st, save 10% (SmartShip price) on our newly-announced products, as well as select Kannaway favorites!

In the United States, you can save on our new Pure CBG 1000 mg and Pure CBD Liquid 2500 mg products, as well as on the following favorites:

In Europe, you can save on our Green Hemp Oil and Pure Gold+ 2000 mg, as well as these select Kannaway favorites:

  • Premium CBG Oil
  • Hemp+ Applicator Sleep
  • Hemp+ Applicator Calm
  • Hemp+ Applicator Active
  • Power Protein

In Japan, save 10% on Pure Gold 1500 mg.

Discounted pricing will be viewable once you add your desired item(s) to your cart.

$1/€1 Brand Ambassador Membership Fee Pricing

Through 11:59 pm PST on January 31st, anybody in the United States can sign up as a new Kannaway BA for just $1 with an initial order of at least 55BV. In Europe, new BAs who enroll with a 55BV or above order can join with a membership fee of only €1.

This new limited-time BA Membership Fee pricing opens the doors for beginning a business in Kannaway for many new interested BAs! The regular BA fee paid upon joining Kannaway is $54.98/€47,8 annually.

These new products and systems introduce new opportunities for Kannaway Brand Ambassadors looking to build their business in Kannaway in 2021!

If you were unable to watch the live broadcast of the Kannaway FOCUS 2021 Kickoff Event, be sure to watch the replay to get the maximum benefit!

Stay on top of the latest Kannaway live events, webinars, business-building opportunities and resources, cannabinoid education, and more by regularly visiting our News Feed.

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