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Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery Episode #20: Bobby Bell, Willie Lanier, and Jim Lynch

Jan 13, 2021 Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery Episode #20: Bobby Bell, Willie Lanier, and Jim Lynch

In episode #20 of Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery, Director of Kannaway Sports and NFL Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer Nick Lowery interviews Bobby Bell, Willie Lanier, and Jim Lynch, widely considered the greatest linebacking crew in the history of the NFL.

The three NFL legends are Super Bowl IV Champions. Bobby Bell is also a Pro Football Hall of Famer, and one of the top 100 NFL players over the last 100 years. Willie Lanier, also inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is the first African-American middle linebacker in pro football. Jim Lynch was selected to the NFL Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame and was an AFL All-Star in 1968.

Episode Summary

In this new incredible episode of Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery, former NFL players Bobby Bell, Willie Lanier, and Jim Lynch offer the Kannaway community their valuable insight on overcoming adversity, breaking barriers, and performing at a high level.

Some of the other major lessons in the episode include:

  • If we have relationships that matter, we treasure them for the rest of our lives. Invest in building relationships that are a real value and they last forever.
  • Communication and being on the same page with your team is always critical. Communication helps team members develop a sense of belonging, strengthen relationships, and reach goals.
  • It's important to try to overcome the appetite for ego and spotlight. Ego creates an unpleasant feeling of dissatisfaction, as we perpetually try to solve problems that are not real.
  • Be intentional and thoughtful about yourself and your actions. Being intentional about what is important to you is key if you want to move your life forward and make progress every day.
  • You've got to be able to depend on your teammates. Business, like football, is mostly a team effort.

You can also watch this new episode on YouTube.


We've curated a selection of some of the memorable and quotable moments from the interview with Bobby Bell, Willie Lanier, and Jim Lynch:

“It turned out great. For us to play together, and we all seemed like we were all on the same wavelength.” - Bobby Bell

“I just really thought I was only going to play a couple three years in the pros and then go on to my life, whatever that life was going to be.” - Jim Lynch

“For the whole time of period I played, I never made more than $6,900 for it.”  - Bobby Bell

"There were similarities in terms of our thought and our process about sport, about the game, and about how you make decisions to play as well as doing things in the offseason." - Willie Lanier

"I was not someone who grew up wanting to be a football player. I was not someone who grew up wanting to play in the National Football League. I was not someone who grew up trying to lift weights and be stronger than everybody." - Willie Lanier

"So I said to the doctor, 'is it possible I could have an unequivocal bill of health?' He said, 'no!'" So I decided if were going to play the game, I have to figure out how to play the game 90% safe. 90% safe for me." - Willie Lanier

"We studied the game. We knew what we had to do. We had to learn how to react to a certain situation, and I know how Willie was going to react, I knew how Jim was going to react to a certain situation. It's a thing that you depend on each other.'" - Bobby Bell

Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery is a bi-weekly digital series featuring interviews with world-class athletes and forward-thinking entrepreneurs that’s meant to provide our Kannaway Brand Ambassadors (BAs) and other entrepreneurs with insight and inspiration as they move in the desired direction to reach their own personal and business goals. Episodes premiere on Facebook Live on Wednesdays at 12 pm PST.

You can watch previous episodes of Kannaway Champions with Nick Lowery on the Kannaway Facebook page.

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