Kannaway CEO Blake Schroeder Featured in Social Selling News

Jul 15, 2019 Kannaway CEO Blake Schroeder Featured in Social Selling News

While the cannabis industry still evokes some skepticism from critics, it’s a space teeming with opportunity. At least, that’s what initially drew Kannaway CEO Blake Schroeder to join the company three years ago.

In the July issue of Social Selling News, Blake discusses Kannaway’s early days, maintaining a competitive edge, the future of CBD, and much more.

With the lack of a cohesive regulatory framework surrounding cannabis, Blake explains that he often receives mixed responses when telling others that he works in the cannabis business. But, with Kannaway’s customer-driven outlook, the interaction allows him to educate people about CBD, which inevitably creates demand.

In the interview, Blake also discusses what separates Kannaway’s formulations from its competitors. “Most of what you can find on the market today is either made from distillate or isolate, which, in our opinion, is not nearly as high quality of a product,” he says. “We’re the only direct selling company that still formulates from the original Green, Blue, and Gold products,” he adds.

With a rigorous testing process for Kannaway products already in place, outdated technology is an obstacle Kannaway is aiming to steer clear from. Blake notes that building a platform from scratch will give the team more flexibility and provide more capabilities to offer amenities like daily payouts to Brand Ambassadors.

With a leadership team equipped with decades of direct selling expertise and a wide breadth of cannabis knowledge, the future looks bright for Kannaway.

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