Kannaway Celebrates June Rank Advancements

Jul 17, 2019 Kannaway Celebrates June Rank Advancements

As we head into Q3, Kannaway’s global community of Brand Ambassadors (BAs) only continues to grow. Not only did we launch our popular hemp bracelets as the newest “Product of the Month,” but June also marked Kannaway’s largest sales revenue month in company history. We’re also witnessing an increase in our rank advancements each month as well. With that being said, we’re excited to announce our newest rank advancers, and recognize them for their accomplishments. 

International Director

 Achieving the rank of International Director takes more than just hard work, dedication, and extensive product knowledge. These BAs have not only helped their downlines achieve success, but they are eligible to receive more than seven different bonuses. We are proud to welcome our newest International Directors—Fanis and Albina Khabibullin of Tartarstan, Russia. 

National Director

 With just a few more ranks to go before reaching the highest echelon of Kannaway, we expect to be celebrating the new rank of Alfred Vajaji of Bratislava, Slovakia in the near future.

Regional Director Elite

Earning over 45,000 PGV, these BAs have hit the first level of Elite status with Kannaway. Among other bonuses, Talgat Nurgaliyev of Astana, Kazakhstan, has even earned a spot in November’s Elite Retreat in Costa Rica.

Regional Director

 With their most recent advancement to Regional Director, these BAs are now setting their sights on Kannaway’s highest ranks. By forming strong downlines and consistently promoting the various benefits of Kannaway products, our newest Regional Directors, Kayla Green of Bismarck, North Dakota, and Marketing Disruptor from Macon, Georgia, are sure to continue their success throughout the rest of 2019.

Area Director

18 BAs tripled their growth to reach the volume necessary to become Area Directors and are now reaping the rewards for the efforts they’ve put forward towards growing their business.

Executive Director

Reaching a GBV of at least 5000, nearly 50 Kannaway BAs qualified for the rank of Executive Director in June.

Senior Director

Last month, 37 BAs obtained the Senior Director rank. These BAs took the necessary steps, like enrolling in SmartShip and attending Kannaway events in order to reach this level.


Finally, nearly 205 BAs joined the ranks of Kannaway Directors. Gaining over 600 GBV, this list represents the explosive growth Kannaway is experiencing in 2019 and will continue to nurture throughout the year.

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