Kannaway Celebrates July Rank Advancements

Aug 21, 2019 Kannaway Celebrates July Rank Advancements

Month after month, we can’t help but marvel at the direction our company’s heading in. And as we continue to launch new products and host more events Kannaway’s global community of Brand Ambassadors (BAs) is growing stronger by the day. With that being said, we’re excited to announce our newest rank advancers, and recognize them for their achievements.

International Director


Achieving the rank of International Director is no easy feat. These BAs have not only have a wealth of product knowledge, but they’ve helped their downlines achieve success and are eligible to receive more than seven different bonuses. We congratulate Roland and Lisa Sonnleitner as Kannaway’s newest International Directors.

National Director Elite


With just a few more ranks to go before reaching the highest ranks of Kannaway, we expect to be celebrating the new rank of Rommel Hernandez, Lesille Hernandez, and Ryszard Piotrowski very soon.

Regional Director Elite


These BAs have hit the first level of Elite status with Kannaway by earning over 45,000 PGV. Among a myriad of other bonuses, Daniel Mitter, Huong Lai, Lesley Dizon, Ulzhan Baizhanova,  Visionaire Corp., Yelizaveta Kostina, and Alina Kus, have even earned a spot in November’s Elite Retreat in Costa Rica.

Regional Director


These BAs are on their way to reaching Kannaway’s highest ranks. By forming strong downlines and actively promoting the benefits of Kannaway products, our newest Regional Directors, Aloysius Casanas, Leila Kivisto, Marciano Abadilla, Maria and Christian Osterman, Pam Kostelecky, and Sasha Wilkinson, are sure to continue their success throughout the rest of 2019.


Area Director

19 BAs tripled their growth to reach the volume necessary to become Area Directors and are now reaping the rewards for their hard work and dedication. Their businesses will only continue to thrive.


Executive Director

Reaching a GBV of at least 5000, nearly 70 Kannaway BAs qualified for the rank of Executive Director in July.


Senior Director

Last month, 76 BAs BAs took the necessary steps, like enrolling in SmartShip and attending Kannaway events, in order to reach the level of Senior Director.




Finally, 255 BAs became Kannaway Directors last month, up from 205 in June. Gaining over 600 GBV, this list represents the rapid growth Kannaway has experienced over the course of 2019 and will continue to nurture throughout the remainder of the year.


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