Kannaway Celebrates February Rank Advancements

Mar 23, 2020 Kannaway Celebrates February Rank Advancements

As we continue to expand our product line, our global community of Brand Ambassadors (BAs) has been working tirelessly to spread the message of Kannaway to people around the world. 

In recognition of their hard work and efforts, we’re excited to announce our newest rank advancers and congratulate them on their accomplishments for the month of February.

New Regional Director Elites

With just a few more ranks to go before reaching the highest ranks of Kannaway, Katarina Kamenar and Trine Dyhre have hit the first level of Elite status with Kannaway by earning over 45,000 PGV. This wonderful achievement comes with several rewards, including:

  • Qualify for the Kannaway Elite Retreat
  • Eligible for a Minimum Income Guarantee from Kannaway of $5,000 a month
  • Priority Executive Support from Kannaway's CS team

New Area Directors

14 new BAs tripled their growth to reach the volume necessary to become Area Directors and are now reaping the rewards for their hard work and dedication. This new rank also means they are now eligible for a Minimum Income Guarantee from Kannaway of $2,500 a month.

New Executive Directors

Reaching a GBV of at least 5000, 63 new Kannaway BAs qualified for the rank of Executive Director. This new rank means they are now eligible for a Minimum Income Guarantee from Kannaway of $500 a month.

New Senior Directors

Nearly 40 new BAs took all the necessary steps, like enrolling in our SmartShip Rewards Program and attending Kannaway events, to reach the level of Senior Director.

New Directors

Finally, gaining over 600 BV, over 100 new BAs became Kannaway Directors last month. 

Congratulations to the above-mentioned BAs on their success and in Kannaway. 

Have You Seen Our Success Stories?

Success on any journey isn't always easy. The journey to the top is filled with unique opportunities, experiences, and challenges. At Kannaway we have a number of incredible leaders in the field who have taken on those challenges over and over again to improve and reach greater levels of success within Kannaway. 

Each month we select from our leading Brand Ambassadors that have maintained their highest rank qualification and spotlight their stories.  We call these Elite Repeat spotlights.  

One final congratulations to all our rank advancers for the month of February 2020! We look forward to announcing a new group of rank advancers in March!

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