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Kannaway® Celebrates $2 Million Milestone in CBD Product Donations to ECHO Connection

Mar 13, 2020 Kannaway® Celebrates $2 Million Milestone in CBD Product Donations to ECHO Connection

We’re proud to announce that Medical Marijuana, Inc. and its family of companies including Kannaway® has officially donated $2 million in CBD products to ECHO Connection since 2017.

Founded on the principles of education, collaboration, and hope, ECHO provides a safe, convenient, and informative way for people to explore their options and unlock the true potential of CBD. ECHO even offers CBD product donations and financial assistance to those in need, serving more than144 families across the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

In fact, ECHO has cultivated a reputation for being such a trusted source of CBD information that the organization has published over 200 original articles on cannabis and provided access to over 900 scientific research projects.

"While CBD has become an emerging and accelerating market in the overall 'cannabis arena,' our company must remember that we were founded with a goal of helping those in need through the health and wellness benefits of CBD," said Dr. Stuart Titus, Founder of Kannaway®. "We are grateful for ECHO Connection's amazing work. Donating to its cause keeps us humble and close to our roots."

"ECHO Connection would not be able to help all of the families we do without Medical Marijuana, Inc.'s CBD product donations," said Andrea Barnes, President of ECHO Connection. "Two million dollars in CBD product donations is more than any other non-profit in the U.S. has reported and our staff and families in need feel the Company's support every day."

To learn more about ECHO Connection, visit

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