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“It’s a Spring Thing!”: New Evolve Challenge & Promotion

Mar 11, 2021 “It’s a Spring Thing!”: New Evolve Challenge & Promotion

After focusing on being “Empowered in 2021” through our first Evolve 8-Week Challenge of the year, we’re shifting our mindset to renewal, growth and joy. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that our next Evolve 8-Week Challenge, “It’s a Spring Thing!”, kicks off later this month!

Evolve is Kannaway’s completely unique 8-week fitness program, designed for people of all fitness levels. Led by renowned health and wellness expert and certified nutrition coach Dan Miller, it combines innovative wellness products with key science that goes ignored in popular fitness programs.

Hundreds of people have already participated in earlier Evolve challenges, and we’re starting things up once again on Monday, March 29th!

This gives you plenty of time to prepare by ordering your Evolve Bundle, made up of revolutionary wellness products that can’t be found anywhere else on the market, plus practical tools that support you through the Evolve Challenge and on your way to a more fulfilling life. No purchase is necessary to be a part of the Evolve program, but the bundle helps facilitate you on your journey.

Also, in preparation for the upcoming 8-Week Challenge, today we’re launching our “It’s a Spring Thing!” promotion! Keep reading to learn how you can earn $200 in Kannaway Cash to spend on Kannaway products.

“It’s a Spring Thing!” Promotion

So many people have made monumental changes in their lives through Evolve, and a huge part in making that happen is the collaborative, supportive nature of the Kannaway Evolve community. Building a tribe is one of the core principles of the Evolve program, as it helps keep you motivated, hold you accountable, and help you develop a sense of group camaraderie.

So, to support you as you introduce Kannaway Evolve to others and build your tribe, we’re introducing our “It’s a Spring Thing!” promotion!

Starting today, March 11th, until March 29th at 11:59 pm PST, if you introduce and sell the Evolve Bundle or Evolve Value Pack to three or more Brand Ambassadors or customers for the first time, we’ll credit your account at the end of March with $200 in Kannaway Cash to spend on Kannaway products.

The Evolve 8-Week Bundle comes with everything needed to embark on the wellness journey with us, including:

  • (1) Kannaway Core Luxury Hemp Protein (Chocolate Mousse)
  • (1) Kannaway Core Luxury Hemp Protein (Vanilla Creme Brûlée)
  • (2) Kannaway Boost Immune Support
  • (1) Kannaway Spark Energy and Metabolism Booster
  • (1) Pure CBD Liquid 2500 mg
  • (1) Kannaway Shaker Bottle
  • (1) Kannaway Tape Measure
  • (1) Tracking Sheet
  • (1) Evolve Booklet

Learn more about the products that make up our Evolve Bundle in our Evolve Bundle Product Spotlight. You can also get more in-depth details about Kannaway Core, Kannaway Spark, and Kannaway Boost.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to earn Kannaway credit while supporting the health and wellness of others in your community!

Note: Promotion available in the US only. EU, Japan, and Mexico not included.

Why You Should Join us for “It’s a Spring Thing!”

The “It’s a Spring Thing!” Evolve 8-Week Challenge will teach you how to eat, sleep, move, and nourish your body’s endocannabinoid system and move you in the direction toward health. Participants get live, collaborative coaching from Dan Miller, renowned health and wellness expert and certified nutrition coach.

Evolve is very different from many of the other fitness programs out there, in that it works with your evolutionary programming rather than relying on unattainable strategies like counting calories, measuring portions, and intense workout programs. Free of gimmicks and silver bullets, it’s a simple and accessible plan that focuses on four fundamentals: food, movement, sleep, and nourishing your body’s endocannabinoid system with CBD.

Evolve isn’t meant to be a temporary program that ends after 8 weeks. Instead, it’s designed to help start you on the journey toward long-term healthy living. The reason we do 8 weeks together is that it’s enough time for most people to feel and see reasons for continuing with the eating, sleeping, movement, and CBD principles. Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds, gain some muscle, or to simply live healthier and feel better, these simple concepts will help you reach your goal.

Mark your calendar and order your Evolve Bundle so you’re all set to get started when “It’s a Spring Thing!” Evolve 8-Week Challenge kicks off on March 29th! Then, spread the word to three or more new people to Evolve so you can build your tribe and earn $200 in Kannaway Cash!

Visit our Evolve page and join the private Kannaway Evolve Facebook Group to learn more about the program and to get yourself set-up to join us on March 29th for our upcoming “It’s a Spring Thing!” 8-Week Challenge.

Stay up-to-date with Kannaway, including news about all of our upcoming events, our products, and the opportunities presented by Kannaway on our News Feed.

Note: “It’s a Spring Thing!” Promotion available in the US only. EU, Japan, and Mexico not included.

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