Introducing Top Enroller Promotion and FastStart Ignite Pack

Nov 2, 2019 Introducing Top Enroller Promotion and FastStart Ignite Pack

Whether you are a new Brand Ambassador (BA) just starting out on your journey with Kannaway, or an existing BA looking to take your business to the next level of success, registering new team members is a key step to growing your Kannaway business. 

To support you in your efforts in bringing new BAs onto your team, Kannaway is excited to launch two global promotions for the month of November.

1) Top Enroller Promotion

As we enter the holiday season, it's the perfect time to earn for some fun, friendly competition and the chance to score extra commissions. For November, Kannaway is running a Top Enrollers Promotion to reward the five highest-producing BAs in the world. 

How it works: When a new BA enrols with Kannaway, they place their initial order. That initial order has a BV amount attached to it, and throughout the month, Kannaway will be tallying the total BV generated by each exciting BA in the company to see who is ranked in places 1-5. At the end of November, the 5 top place finishers will receive:

  • 1st place: $3,000
  • 2nd place: $2,500
  • 3rd Place: $2,000
  • 4th Place: $1,500
  • 5th Place: $1,000

Remember, the BV generated must be from new people joining Kannaway that you have personally enrolled for the BV to count towards your total for the month of November. 

To help ignite your way to the top of the leader board, we are also excited to introduce a promotional pack that will be the most valuable way for your new team members to start their journey with Kannaway.

2) FastStart Ignite Pack

New BAs should have the opportunity to get a running start in building their CBD business and interacting with some of Kannaway’s most popular products. The FastStart Ignite Promotional Pack, available from
1 Nov to 10 Nov, 2019, contains some of our most popular CBD oil products: Pure Gold and Kannaway Salve, as well as the Kannaway Connect Magazine. Here’s a full list of products you’ll receive:

(1) - Pure Gold 

(1) - Salve

(1) - Travel Salve (10) Pack

(1) - 100mg Citrus Party Kit

(1) - Hemp Vape Style Kit

(1) - Power Protein 

(1) - SuperGreens

(1) - Kannaway Connect Magazine

The  FastStart Ignite Pack also comes with price matching BV-—spend €400* and earn 400 BV. This makes earning Rank Advancement Commissions, as well as the Fast Start 3000 and 9000 Commissions simpler than ever. One thing to note with the FastStart Ignite pack is that it's only available to new BAs at the time they are enrolling. Be sure to help your new person add it to their shopping cart as they enrol, because it won't be available in the back office afterward. 

Ambassador Tip: Remember to go over the Getting Started Guide, especially steps 6 - 7; building a candidate list and making an invitation are important skills needed to invite new people to join the Kannaway team. Anyone looking for extra training on how to invite should listen to
Mastering the Art of the Invitation audio training available for free online

Let's make November your best month yet with Kannaway!

Best wishes,


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*Note: The Top enroller promotion for November runs from 1 November 09:01 am CET until 1 December at 08:59 am CET and the qualifying volume is only applicable from new enrolling BAs initial order who are new to Kannaway in the month of November. The FastStart Ignite Pack is only available to new BAs at the point of their enrolment and is available from 1 November 09:01 am CET until 11 November at 08:59 am CET. Final price including shipping and VAT is available at checkout in the Kannaway shop. These promotions are subject to change or amendment at any time.

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