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Introducing the New Kannaway Sample Program

Oct 28, 2019 Introducing the New Kannaway Sample Program

Introducing our New Kannaway Sample Program

Whether you’re strolling through the mall or shopping online, there’s no denying that we all love to try before we buy - this is why we all love samples. Not only does it introduce your product to people who would otherwise be unfamiliar with your brand, but it fosters a sense of loyalty and trust, ensuring long-term retention. In fact, in one study online, 81% of people surveyed said a sample offer before purchasing is what primarily attracted them to a brand.

As The Premier Cannabis Company™ that’s perfected the art of developing high-quality CBD products, we figured there was no better time to start offering samples than our Kannaway Academy!

From our Triple Lab Tested™ process to our Soil to Sale™ pledge, our Kannaway sample packet has everything you need to kick off your CBD business with someone from your candidate list. This way, for only the small charge of $11.97 to cover shipping and handling, new candidates can try Kannaway Pure Gold and Salve to experience Kannaway’s high-quality formulations for themselves before placing an order and officially becoming part of the Kannaway family.

These new Kannaway samples are simple to send, easy to track, and powerful in helping people experience the Kannaway difference for themselves. All of this is managed from your Kannaway Connect App, and gives you the ability to arrange, manage and follow up on your sample program, all from the convenience of your smartphone. 

Getting Started with Your Sampling Program

Here’s a breakdown of how that process works:

Step 1: Adding Credits to your account

  • Brand Ambassadors purchase credits in the Kannaway back office for samples. (The cost of the credit is the shipping and handling fee per sample.)

  • The credits for your account are automatically registered in your Kannaway Connect app.

Step 2: Sending Out Samples

  • From the Kannaway Connect app, select “Samples,” , send an offer and assign a contact.

  • Once your contact accepts the sample offer, you will receive a notification in your Kannaway Connect app.

  • 1 credit equals 1 sample shipped out on your behalf

  • Samples will be shipped from our Utah warehouse via USPS Tracking Service.

Step 3: Follow Up

  • Set a reminder in your Kannaway Connect app to follow up with your candidate or customer to answer any questions they may have, and help them place their first order.

Haven’t downloaded Kannaway Connect App Yet? If not, you should! The Connect app, available in the App Store and Google Play store, is free to download. To log in and get started, all you need is your Kannaway log in credentials and you will good to go, as access to the Kannaway Connect app is included in your annual BA membership. 

Be sure to order your free samples today and follow our News Feed and Facebook Page for the latest announcements and product launches.

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