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Introducing Product of the Month Series

Jan 3, 2022 Introducing Product of the Month Series

The year 2022 is here, and we are more than ready for new challenges! To start off the right foot, we are launching a new, exciting series of limited-time promotions: Product of The Month!

Each month, we will be highlighting a different product from Kannaway’s wide portfolio of hemp products by publishing an informative, easy to share video provided by our top executives and experts – and we’ll be also pairing it with an exciting, limited-time promotion!


Kickstarting the series is Dr. Peter Verdegem, Kannaway’s VP of North America, German-speaking markets & Product Development!

In January, we want to highlight the Gold Premium Hemp Oil Applicator and Premium Hemp Oil Applicator. To celebrate these innovative products that are just packed with cannabinoids, we will boost their BV to 219 and 127, respectively – but only until the end of the week, so act fast!

Watch the video message from Peter Verdegem talking about these fantastic products:

Note: The Promotion is available between 3 January and 9 January at 11:59 pm PST in United States only. SmartShip orders have to be processed before 9 January 2022 to qualify for the promotion.

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