Inside our Soil to Sale Promise - Our Manufacturing Facility

Sep 3, 2020 Inside our Soil to Sale Promise - Our Manufacturing Facility

Since we brought the first CBD oil to market nearly a decade ago, our goal has always been to create the highest quality CBD oil products available. As you know, our Soil to Sale™ Promise includes using the world’s best hemp, safely and cleanly extracting the oil, and innovating the best safety testing standards in the industry for CBD products, and educating the world about the vital role cannabis plays in our well-being.

One of the most important steps in our Soil to Sale™ process is formulating and manufacturing our products, which is a critical component in our mission.

In the early days, knowing we had the best hemp oil, we sought to find product formulators and manufacturers who could use it to make the best products for our customers -- combining our industry-leading hemp oil expertise with their manufacturing abilities.

Over the years, we’ve developed hundreds of products with many partners, and one thing has become clear: now more than ever, no one can do this like we can.

As our CEO, Blake Schroeder explains, “Kannaway continues to be a leader in the CBD industry and providing the infrastructure for our own Soil to Sale™ supply chain was a natural progression. Vertical integration is the gold standard of supply chain and quality control. For Kannaway to be able to continue to thrive with our Soil to Sale™ promise, it was important that we control every aspect of our product manufacturing. Doing so we can ensure higher quality, lower costs to manufacture and provide an improved experience for our customers. Beyond adding additional quality controls and oversight, our new facility also helps to improve our operations by reducing minimum order quantities so the products our customers receive are fresher, and straight from the production line in-house. This is a great initiative for Kannaway and our customers.”

Our state of the art production and fulfillment facility is led by a world-class staff that are experts in the formulation of hemp products, and can successfully grow our global supply and distribution chain.

We continue to lead the industry in quality. Our manufacturing facility is registered with the FDA, holds a GMP certificate, follows cGMP practices, and is a licensed hemp processor.

The company has made significant investment into our 16,000 square foot facility, including high-quality manufacturing and fulfillment equipment, inventory management systems, state of the art clean rooms, and more. With this long term investment, Kannaway can produce and package our liquid products, powders, capsules, and cosmetics.

Kannaway is proud that we are now able to produce over 80% of our product line in-house!

It is never lost on us at Kannaway that if you are using our products, you are trusting us with your health and wellness, and that of your family and friends. Our focus on manufacturing all our own products may be behind the scenes, but it is designed specifically to benefit you. Here’s how:

Product Quality

Product quality is our top priority, and always will be. For us, formulating our products with the highest quality ingredients is a standard that we never compromise. Highly accurate quality control is a must for us. This is the reason the company has always promised the original “Triple Lab Tested” guarantee.

By sourcing every ingredient and manufacturing every product ourselves, we leave absolutely no doubt that only the best ingredients are used, and the best possible final product is created for you -- every time.

Cost Savings

With our in-house manufacturing facility, we are able to purchase the finest ingredients, compensate our employees fairly, use state of the art machinery, Triple Lab Test our products and generate savings that allow us to benefit our customers and brand ambassadors, and keep our company financially healthy.


We are able to manufacture on our own timelines, and with the quantities we choose. This ensures the product you receive is fresh and allows the company much greater flexibility with respect to when and how much product to produce.

We are very proud of our in-house manufacturing initiatives so far, and look forward to sharing further milestones in this area as we achieve them!

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