Important Updates to 3 for Free, SmartShip and Shipping with New Back Office

Jul 10, 2019 Important Updates to 3 for Free, SmartShip and Shipping with New Back Office

In addition to a host of other updates with our upcoming go-live, Kannaway is modifying the 3 for Free Program to make it a little more flexible and ultimately, more user friendly. Here’s a brief rundown of the changes you can expect:

  • You will now have the ability to view your available 3 for Free amount on your dashboard. Already calculated for you, the order will simply need to be placed. No math involved.
  • You will no longer need to set up your order via SmartShip to be able to receive the free amount, it can be used on individual orders or your smart ship order same as always. Important to note that 3 for Free amounts will automatically be applied to your auto ship if not used before set to run.
  • Previously 3 for Free orders must have been the same amount or less than the available free amount. This is no longer the case. Now, 3 for Free available volume is useable on an order of any amount. The price and BV will be reduced by the free amount, and the remaining balance of the order can be paid.
  • BV volume will now be reduced by the amount of 3 for Free earned volume. If you are accustomed to your orders for 3 for Free counting towards your personal volume requirement, this will no longer be the case.
  • Free volume will still be counted based on BV. However, your order amount will be reduced by a euro amount in a ratio of 1 BV : $1.50

If you are SmartShip Rewards qualified you will receive:

  • Free shipping on all SmartShip orders
  • Access to new items before the rest of the field
  • $1 BA fee enrollments for all SmartShip Rewards earners

To earn SmartShip Rewards:

  • Process three monthly SmartShip orders, at a minimum of 110 BV each
  • Following earning SmartShip Rewards, you must have a monthly SmartShip of at least 110 BV paid in order to continue to earn

On our FAQ Page, you can find a comprehensive directory of Kannaway’s training videos. Watch our Navigating Your Back Office - Your Account video to learn more about our new account page.

SmartShip Rewards

Another exciting new program being introduced alongside the new Kannaway platform is SmartShip Rewards. This program encourages consistent SmartShip setups by offering rewards for consecutive months. Those who have earned SmartShip Rewards are eligible for:

The requirements for SmartShip Rewards are as follows:

This new program also offers a much-requested benefit— free shipping. It’s important to note that 3 for Free paid orders will NOT count as a paid SmartShip order. It is possible to earn both in a month, but redeeming 3 for Free available volume will disqualify the order from being considered for SmartShip Rewards.

Please check out our News Feed so you can learn more about Kannaway’s latest updates and developments. Also, we’ve attached our User Guide for your reference.

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