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Hemp For Humanity Webinar – Recap

Mar 31, 2020 Hemp For Humanity Webinar – Recap

Last Sunday we held the first Hemp for Humanity webinar centred around the themes of sustainability, health, community and business. We believe that access to industrial hemp is a human right. When this belief was challenged in January 2019 as the Austrian government pushed back hard against the growing CBD market, we changed our upcoming Academy in Vienna to become the first-ever Hemp for Humanity event. It turned into a movement of its own as we took the idea of Hemp for Humanity to North America, Japan, Iceland and all our European markets. With our Hemp for Humanity events, web site and now webinars, we educate the world and aim to protect the legality of hemp and hemp-based products such as CBD oil.


If you missed the call, here is the recording covering the four themes, highlighting current events in the world of hemp and how we can all help to create a more sustainable world and improve the economy with hemp. The webinar was hosted by Kannaway Europe Managing Director Janne Heimonen and he was joined by the following experts:

Alex Grapov – Kannaway Chief Sales Officer and a passionate advocate for Hemp for Humanity
Kenzi Zemouli - an independent researcher and global cannabis advocate involved with the descheduling work on UN and WHO levels. Kenzi is also a co-author of the "Cannabis & Sustainable Development" report.
Francesco Mirizzi - EIHA Senior Policy Advisor, lobbyist and expert on agricultural development and international trade
Dr Stuart Titus – founder and CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc and Founder of Kannawayinternational speaker on cannabis
Maren Krings – documentary photographer, traveller, and through her latest project, international hemp ambassador

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