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Help Advance the Science and Safety of CBD

Sep 8, 2020 Help Advance the Science and Safety of CBD

The safety and science of CBD will be the focus of an upcoming Kannaway-sponsored nationwide observational study. Would you like to be part of something big?

Kannaway invests greatly in cannabinoid research and we’re proud to participate in and sponsor ValidCare’s upcoming scientific CBD study with the hopes of positively impacting the lives of CBD consumers around the world. The Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved human trial will ascertain whether the daily use of hemp CBD products has any impact on livers of healthy adults.

Our Kannaway community has the opportunity to be a part of something important. ValidCare’s CBD safety study is the largest study of its kind to date, and its results will be shared with the FDA as the agency continues to determine the regulatory path for hemp CBD products. The results are also expected to be published in a peer reviewed journal in early 2021.

As Kannaway Founder Dr. Stuart Titus says, “Since day one, we have been dedicated to providing our consumers with safe, consistent products they can trust. This study helps us further that commitment and lets us take part in an industry effort to provide further evidence that CBD holds many wellness benefits without harmful side effects.”

Keep reading to learn more about the details of the 30-day trial, including how you can apply to be a participant.

How You Can Be Involved

With the FDA requesting science-based data from the CBD industry, this is a particularly important time for studying hemp-derived CBD. And you can apply to help pave the path forward for our industry!

ValidCare is looking for 100-150 members of the Kannaway community to participate in the nationwide observational study. Study participants need to be healthy American adults between the ages of 18 and 75, and be willing to take an oral CBD product for 30 consecutive days.

Those who are selected will be asked to track their daily experiences via a customized ValidCare smartphone app. They’ll also be required to get a simple blood draw to understand how the liver reacts.

Everyone who is selected as a participant by ValidCare needs to meet certain criteria that will be determined by an initial application form and then a further detailed inclusion/exclusion survey.

As a thank you, participants who complete the study will be provided with a $100 Visa Gift Card. Prepaid Visa Gift Cards are activated once the study is completed and can be used right away.

How to Be Considered for the Study

Thank you for your interest in participating in the upcoming ValidCare CBD safety study. Please keep in mind that everyone is first screened to ensure they meet the study criteria before being approved and enrolled.

In order for Kannaway participants to apply for and participate in the upcoming ValidCare CBD Safety Study, they must undertake the following steps:

Step #1: Purchase Your Bottle of Kannaway Pure Gold

All Kannaway community participants will consume daily servings of Pure Gold 1500 mg. Participants will be considered for the study if they purchase the Pure Gold as early as September 4th and as late as September 11th. There is a short lead up time prior to the launch of the study, so you’ll need to have ordered your bottle of Pure Gold 1500 mg during this September 4-11 period and prior to applying for enrollment. You can purchase Pure Gold 1500 mg here.

Step #2: Fill Out Your Application Form

Complete a simple initial screening application form. You can find this application form here. Remember, completing this application form does not ensure your participation in the study, as there are a number of significant factors that ValidCare needs to consider for each participant. The application form must be completed by September 11th.

Step #3: Enroll in the ValidCare’s Virtual Study™ App

If you pass the initial screening questions, you will receive an invitation to download a customized version of the ValidCare Virtual Study™ app. Once you register in the app, you’ll need to take a detailed inclusion/exclusion survey to determine whether you’re eligible to participate in the study.

Step #4: Receive Your Shipment of Kannaway Pure Gold

Having already ordered your bottle of Pure Gold 1500 mg, you should receive your shipment in time for the launch of the study and your first of 30 consecutive days of CBD use and tracking.

Step #5: Get Feedback in the ValidCare Study App

You’ll track your experiences with Kannaway Pure Gold in the ValidCare Virtual Study™ app. You’ll also be asked to provide a blood sample at a local blood lab.

Working together, we can further CBD research and provide evidence that supports the health and wellness benefits of the daily use of hemp CBD.

To keep up with the latest Kannaway announcements, initiatives, education, and more, regularly visit our News Feed.

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