Get Ready for FastStart Restart

Apr 1, 2020 Get Ready for FastStart Restart

In April, Kannaway is giving all our existing Brand Ambassadors (BA) a second chance to become FastStart Qualified. How? Through the Kannaway Restart Stimulus Package, which includes the potential of over $2,000 in earnings!

Achieving FastStart qualification is a key first step when building your business in Kannaway.

The FastStart program offers a number of financial benefits, including (1) the opportunity to earn increased Direct Sales Commissions during your entire time in Kannaway and (2) the chance to earn a FS 3,000 bonus and (3) earn a FS 9,000 bonus.

To become FastStart Restart eligible, all you have to do is:

1. Purchase the FastStart Restart Bundle between April 1st and April 30th:

The FastStart Restart Bundle contains the ideal combination of Kannaway’s best-selling products, and specially selected nutrient-rich products to add to include in your personal wellness regimen:

  • Premium Hemp Oil Oral Applicator
  • Revive AM 
  • SuperGreens
  • Pure Gold Liquid (1500 mg)
  • Pure Gold Gel Caps

The FastStart Restart Bundle not only comes with great products but also at a great price. At only $399, with 280 BV, enjoy almost $200 in savings. 

Crown Ambassador Tip: Now is the perfect time for your friends already in Kannaway to get reengaged. Share the news of the FastStart Restart Bundle with them, and earn yourself a $75 Direct Sales Commission.

2. Enroll three new Brand Ambassadors, who purchase a Value Pack as their initial order

After you purchase the FastStart Restart pack, the clock starts, and you have 30 days to enroll any combination of 3 BAs or Preferred Customers who purchase a Kannaway Value Pack during their initial order:

Remember—these value packs feature a wide array of hemp oil products and are the best way for new members of the Kannaway team to get a leg up when growing their Kannaway business.

FastStart Restart Additional Benefits

As well as the chance to earn increased DSC’s throughout your time with Kannaway, becoming FastStart Qualified also brings the opportunity to earn other additional commissions with Kannaway. 

FS 3000

Achieving FastStart 3000 status earns Brand Ambassadors up to $1,000 in additional commissions paid over 2 months.

To become FastStart 3000 qualified you must achieve the following:

  • Become FastStart Qualified within your first 30 days of purchasing a FastStart Restart bundle.
  • Generate at least 3,000 in cumulative EV (Elite Volume) within 4 levels in your first 60 day after purchasing a FastStart Restart bundle with no more than 60% of the EV (Elite Volume) coming from 1 leg or team.
  • Generate 110 in PV in both the 2nd and 3rd months after purchasing the FastStart Restart bundle (days 31-60 & days 61-90).
  • FS 9000

    FastStart 9000 qualifiers receive an additional $1,000. Like the FastStart 3000, FastStart 9000 qualifiers must maintain a minimum of 110 PV in their 2nd and 3rd months, (days 31-60 & days 61-90) to earn the FastStart 9000 Commission. The $1,000 FastStart 9000 Commission is paid over 2 months:

    • Become FastStart Qualified within your first 30 days of purchasing a FastStart Restart bundle.
    • Generate 9,000 in cumulative Elite Volume (EV) within 5 levels within 90 days after purchasing a FastStart Restart bundle, with not more than 60% coming from 1 leg or team.

    So don’t let your friends and associates miss this opportunity to get FastStart Qualified, try our new products, and put themselves on the quickest path towards success at Kannaway.

    Already FastStart Qualified?

    Don't worry, the opportunity is here for you as well! Any Brand Ambassador who is already FastStart Qualified can purchase the FastStart Restart bundle, and be eligible to earn FS 3000 & FS 9000 commissions again! That means a chance for you to earn up to $2,000 in additional commissions, just like when you first started with Kannaway. 

    Second chances don’t often come too around - Be sure to take advantage of this offer while it lasts! 

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