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Former NHL Veteran Trevor Gillies Partners With Kannaway Sports

May 23, 2019 Former NHL Veteran Trevor Gillies Partners With Kannaway Sports

The Kannaway Sports initiative was launched as a tool to promote the benefits of CBD by connecting with both active and retired athletes. Kannaway is excited to announce the newest member of our all-star lineup – Trevor Gillies.

Trevor is a former Canadian professional ice hockey player who has played in the NHL for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, New York Islanders, and most recently, the South Carolina Stingrays of the ECHL. Trevor mainly served as an enforcer, as evident by his career NHL statistics of 57 games with only three points and 261 penalty minutes.

As an athlete who participated in a fiercely competitive sport for many years, Trevor wanted to make sure he could continue his workout routine post-career.

In an attempt to combat his discomfort and improve his overall wellness, he began incorporating Kannaway products into his routine. He would put on the Salve in the mornings, take the Pure Gold Liquid in the evenings, and use the Pure Liquid as needed.

Trevor immediately took notice of the major differences he felt after using Kannaway products, ranging from improved sleep patterns and the ability to rest. He explains, “I’m sleeping better than I’ve ever slept in my life. I also don’t feel nearly the same level of discomfort has I had before. It really gets me ready to face the day.”

What would you say to somebody who is not sure about whether to start taking CBD hemp oil? “I love these products.  For me, it was a far better alternative to over-the-counter medications. I would definitely suggest giving it a shot and seeing how much it can really help you,” he says.

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