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Former NFL Tight End Mark Walczak Joins Kannaway Sports

Apr 3, 2019 Former NFL Tight End Mark Walczak Joins Kannaway Sports

Kannaway is excited to welcome our newest athlete to the Kannaway Sports team, Mark Walczak. Kannaway Sports was created with the goal of promoting the use of hemp-derived CBD products from Kannaway as training and recovery tools for athletes of all levels.

Former professional American football player Mark Walczak played as a tight end and long snapper for five seasons in the NFL. During his tenure in the NFL, he played for the Indianapolis Colts, Buffalo Bills, Phoenix Cardinals, and San Diego Chargers. Mark was was inducted into the New York State Section 5 High School Football Hall of Fame in 2007.

Mark believes CBD is a incredibly beneficial product for athletes like himself and found it easy to start using CBD daily. “There’s a lot of science behind it. As a Former NFL player, we’ve got lots of issues. There’s a lot of wear and tear on your body, so anything we can do to forgo these problems or even improve our overall quality of life is beneficial.” Mark told Kannaway. On a daily basis, he uses multiple products, ranging from our Salve, Gold and Premium Oral Applicators, and our Pure Liquid.

Mark has noticed a huge difference with his overall movement and flexibility since starting his daily CBD regimen. “There’s been a noticeable change in my joints. My hands aren’t as stiff anymore, and my back has loosened up. I feel like my joints are smoother and work better overall.”

We asked Mark what he would say to somebody who is not sure about whether to start taking CBD hemp oil? Mark replied, “I’d tell them it’s providing relief to people. There’s different things people are suffering from and it can really help. I would give it a good six months to really see any effect but this is something that’s valid and there’s substance to it. CBD and hemp oil are real and there’s definite health benefits. I would say try it. It's worth trying. The products are easy to use, and there’s a lot of value. So why not?”

You can find more Kannaway athletes and their testimonials here, or visit our news feed for the latest Kannaway updates.

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