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Former NFL Defensive Tackle Mark Garalczyk Added To The Kannaway Sports Team

May 22, 2019 Former NFL Defensive Tackle Mark Garalczyk Added To The Kannaway Sports Team

Kannaway is thrilled to welcome our latest athlete to the Kannaway Sports team –Mark Garalczyk. Mark is one of many active and retired athletes that have been kind enough to share their CBD experiences with us.

Born in Roseville, Michigan, Mark attended Western Michigan University and was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals as a defensive tackle in 1987. He has also played for the New York Jets, Houston Oilers, and the Indianapolis Colts.

After hearing stories from several other athletes about the beneficial properties of CBD, his friend prompted him to try it for himself. “I used to take prescription Ibuprofen in the mornings to mask the discomfort I would experience in a typical day. As we get older, people that play a contact sport tend to have more issues than the average person. Even the simplest movements can be a challenge,” he says.

After taking Kannaway’s Gold Premium Oil Oral Applicator and the Premium Full Spectrum Oral Applicator both in the morning and in the evening, in addition to the Salve, he began to experience a wide array of benefits, including improved sleep patterns and less soreness.

Have you noticed a difference after taking the product? “Overall, I’m happy with the products I’ve tried. I’m more well-rested in the morning and the issues I used to take medication for have subsided. I’ve been able to successfully wean myself off and I’m just using Kannaway products now. I think between the oils and the Salve, I’m hitting my body from the inside and from the outside. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the outcome so far,” he says.

For those unsure about exploring the benefits CBD hemp oil, he says that it’s a win-win. The results are achieved from a natural product instead of one that’s typically purchased over the counter. “I would like to see skeptics actually give it a shot to see the difference for themselves,” he adds.

You can access more testimonials by visiting our Kannaway Sports page.

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