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February 2021 FastStart Qualifiers

Mar 18, 2021 February 2021 FastStart Qualifiers

Today, we’re excited to recognize the Kannaway Brand Ambassadors (BAs) who became FastStart Qualified in February 2021!

Achieving FastStart Qualification is a key first step when building a successful long-term business in Kannaway because it leads to higher commissions over time. With FastStart Qualification, a BA earns three-times the Direct Sales Commissions (DSC) on Value Packs sold to personal enrollments and customers!

How Do You Become FastStart Qualified?

FastStart Qualification is available for both new and existing Kannaway BAs. Those new to Kannaway need only to purchase a Value Pack during enrollment or within the first 30 days of enrollment and then, within that initial 30-day period of time, enroll three separate BAs or customers who also acquire a Value Pack. All of our Value Packs are now FastStart qualifying.

New BAs can also acquire any Value Pack within the first 30 days of enrollment and then in that 30 day period of time, also accumulate 3,000 BV in Elite Volume, to become FastStart Qualified.

Existing BAs have the opportunity to become Re-FastStart qualified every single month. To qualify in a particular month, all they need to do is enroll at least 3 new BAs or customers who purchase any Value Pack within a month’s period.

FastStart and Re-FastStart Qualifiers

Congratulations to the following new BAs in Kannaway who became FastStart Qualified for the first time, as well as our existing BAs who took the steps necessary to become Re-FastStart Qualified, last month! 

First-Time FastStart Qualifiers:

Adel Gaspar-Mckay - United States

Aglaia Makri - Greece

Ai Nakamura - Japan

Akemi Hasebe - Japan

Akiko Kim - Japan

Akinori Mukaida - Japan

Alexandra Fratzeskou - Greece

Andre Coelho - Portugal

Anel Hernandez - Mexico

Athanasios Athanasiadis - Greece

Barna Potyondi - Hungary

Bé Activo - Portugal

Blanca Estela Vazquez - Mexico

Blanca Estela Villa Carbajal - Mexico

Chizuko Mochizuki - Japan

Christian Wachholz - Germany

Clemente Martin Marin Ramirez - Mexico

Daniel Rodriguez - Mexico

Daniel Sarver - United States

Daniel Vanco - Slovakia

Dexter Carpenter - United States

Emiko Sakano - Japan

Etsuko Hirose - Japan

Eva Hrescakova - Slovakia

Eva Miškolciova - Slovakia

Filipa Valente - Portugal

Genaro Alberto Lujan Hernández - Mexico

Greta Zsanett Potyondi - Hungary

Hatvani Galina - Hungary

Hidefumi Kimura - Japan

Hitomi Mori - Japan

Huong Nguyen Thi Thanh - Slovakia

Imke Kampf - Germany

Irena Smuikaite - Portugal

Istvanne Lele - Hungary

Jacqueline Lira Caussor - Mexico

Janosne Zalavari - Hungary

Jean Philippe Peny - France

Jenone Feheri - Hungary

João Grilo - Portugal

Johanna Königslehner - Austria

John Murray - United States

Jorman Alejandro Gamez Limones - Mexico

Jose Luis Gonzalez Ruiz De La Peña - Mexico

Jose Luis Jim - Mexico

Juan Carlos Lozano Piñon - Mexico

Judit Tatar - Hungary

Junko Enomoto - Japan

Karin Asenbaum - Austria

Kazufumi Manriki - Japan

Keiichi Yamanaka - Japan

Kenzo Kato - Japan

Kie Ishikawa - Japan

Kumiko Ikushima - Japan

Lopo Cancella De Abreu - Portugal

Ludmila Jamrichova - Slovakia

Luis Rodríguez - Mexico

Maria Alvarez Icaza L. - Mexico

Mariko Suyama - Japan

Masako Kanazawa - Japan

Masayo Yamamoto - Japan

Mayumi Kidokoro - Japan

Michael Winter - Austria

Midori Numa - Japan

Mieko Ikoma - Japan

Miyuki Arakawa - Japan

Miyuki Hoshino - Japan

Naomi Tezuka - Japan

Nida Lalangan - United States

Oscar Armando Alcalde Llamas - Mexico

Petra List - Austria

Rafael Poncela Llamas - Mexico

Reiko Yamamoto - Japan

Ricardo Alberto Pogarelsky - Mexico

Ricardo Daniel Mota Santos - Portugal

Rie Shinohara - Japan

Romualda Janikowska - Poland

Satomi Nakano - Japan

Setsuko Takahashi - Japan

Shawn Rupp - United States

Shigeyuki Hirai - Japan

Shodai Nitta - Japan

Sonoko Kawai - Japan

Taeko Yamamoto - Japan

Takabayashi Teruhisa - Japan

Takayo Oyama - Japan

Tania Herrera Bonilla - Mexico

Teresa Almeda-Yap - United States

Timothy Crough - United States

Tomoko Honda - Japan

Tomoko Komiyaji - Japan

Tomoyo Komamomoya - Japan

Toshiaki Nakayama - Japan

Toshiko Akakabe - Japan

Troy Mcgee - United States

Whitney Hallman - United States

Yoshie Ootsuka - Japan

Yuka Oka - Japan

Yukiko Oshiro - Japan

Yumi Nigo - Japan

Yumiko Seki - Japan

Yuriko Sawatari - Japan

Лариса Алексеева - Russia

Re-FastStart Qualifiers:

Anja Isabella Toth - Sweden

Billy & Sue Wilkinson - United States

Claus Wolkerstorfer - Austria

Elbert Miklos - Hungary

Emese Maria Kerenyi - Switzerland

Eva Tollonics - Hungary

Lieblings Mensch - Germany

Mariko Yano - Japan

Marina Petersen-Albin - Germany

Mikako Nojiri - Japan

Nuno Lebre - Portugal

Panagiota Aivalioti - Greece

Pedro Lebre - Portugal

Reiko Noguchi - Japan

Renate Schink - Austria

Ryoga Matsui - Japan

Sandorne Nagy - Hungary

Solene Schuiteman - United Kingdom

Tamae Nouchi - Japan

Tsuguo Ishikawa - Japan

Tsuneko Kato - Japan

Yasukuni Saruwatari - Japan

Yayoi Kanazawa - Japan

Yuki Barada - Japan

Yukiko Nishimori - Japan

Make sure you and your team members take advantage of the opportunities that come with qualifying for FastStart, the quickest path toward success in Kannaway!

Regularly visit the Kannaway News Feed to make sure you stay on top of our latest initiatives, promotions, business-building opportunities, education, and more.

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