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FDA Hearing Reveals New Insights and Biases on CBD

Jun 5, 2019 FDA Hearing Reveals New Insights and Biases on CBD

MJNA CEO, Dr. Stuart Titus, was selected as one of 65 speakers to share his expertise on products containing cannabis-derived compounds at the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)'s public hearing on Friday, May 31st. According to the FDA, this first-of-its-kind hearing was held in order to collect as much scientific data as possible related to cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds to explore potential regulatory and marketing opportunities.

Dr. Titus was chosen from a pool of nearly 400 applicants spanning industry pioneers, political leaders, and physicians. During his statements, Dr. Titus emphasized the importance of the endocannabinoid system in medical literature and noted, “...non-psychoactive hemp products containing CBD and other cannabinoids, as they support our endogenous endocannabinoid system, are an essential nutritional supplement for optimal health…”

After nearly ten hours of testimony from more than 100 stakeholders, several conclusions could be drawn. But, the main takeaways were two-fold. First, there’s a clear demand for CBD and second, the market is saturated with too many illegitimate CBD companies.

With a lack of regulations surrounding hemp-derived CBD products, there’s little-to-no oversight of what consumers are actually buying. Many manufacturers are offering products at a deep discount and selling tinctures, ointments, and capsules infused with low-grade CBD, as well as an array of potentially harmful ingredients.

While we’re counting down the days until the FDA lays a clear path forward, we are proud to have amassed a reputation for being one of the most trusted CBD companies on the market today.

Not only does Kannaway have an exceedingly large product line and a website overwhelmed with CBD-centric content, but we pride ourselves mainly on our stringent testing protocols. Unlike many of our counterparts, our products undergo the Triple Lab Testing™ process, where every batch of our pure CBD hemp oil is inspected three times throughout manufacturing to ensure its safety and consistency.

By investing in top-shelf extraction labs and establishing good manufacturing practices, you don’t have to spend time gauging whether or not Kannaway products are legitimate. You can be confident that you’re using the highest quality CBD products right from the start.

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