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Eric Dorsey Added to the Kannaway Sports Team

Jan 29, 2020 Eric Dorsey Added to the Kannaway Sports Team

The Kannaway Sports initiative was launched in an effort to share the stories of active and retired athletes who have decided to incorporate CBD products into their daily routine. Kannaway is excited to announce the newest member of our all-star lineup – Eric Dorsey

Eric Hall Dorsey began his football career in 1981 at McLean High School. Not only did he play nearly every position in his senior year, but he became the most heavily recruited player in school history.

Following his tenure at the University of Notre Dame, he was drafted in the first round of the 1986 NFL Draft, starting in Super Bowl XXV for the New York Giants. 

Eric initially started looking into taking Kannaway products after a fellow former football player introduced him to CBD at a New York Giants softball event. From there, he started incorporating CBD into his daily routine, taking the Gold Premium Hemp Oil - Oral Applicator, Premium Hemp Oil  - Oral Applicator, and Pure CBD Liquid every day.

Eric immediately took notice of the major differences he felt after using Kannaway products, including improved sleep patterns and overall wellness. He explains, "Kannaway products are by far superior than anything I have ever used. I experienced positive changes in my energy levels right away and am incredibly impressed with the results.”

For those who are not sure if they want to start taking CBD hemp oil, Eric advises that you do your own research, look past the stigma, and give Kannaway products a try. He says, “”I encouraged family and friends to try them out and they all had only great things to say about Kannaway.”

You can find more athletes like Eric Dorsey on the Kannaway Sports page.

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