Do something incredible to help those in need

Nov 23, 2021 Do something incredible to help those in need

Being a Kannaway Entrepreneur means that you’re making a positive difference to the lives of others.  Whether through the sharing of premium CBD products, introducing people to an unparalleled income opportunity or through your philanthropic activities.


Fundraising is an important way to generate additional funding for organizations that rely upon donations to help those in need, such as Kannaway’s partner - the Por Grace Foundation.  Fundraising showcases your value and helps you reach new people, so we’ve put together some fundraising tips for you:


1.   Create your story

In just a few sentences, write down WHY you are starting a fundraiser – why is it important to you, and why should it be important to people to share your story with?


2.   Introduce your beneficiary

Find out about the not-for-profit organization or individual that you’re raising funds for. Do they have a back story that you can share? Allow your audience to get to know a bit more about the cause and create a connection with it too.


3.   Talk about the fundraiser

What activity have you chosen to do that they can sponsor you for?  Will you challenging yourself personally or creating a situation where people challenge each other?  Get your community involved – they can hand out your flyers, share your social media posts and maybe do their own fundraiser too?


Here are some fundraising ideas to help inspire you:

·      Bake Sale

·      Auction

·      Gameathon

·      Quiz night

·      Golf tournament

·      Ugly jumper party

·      Street party

·      5k run or walk

·      Bungee jump

·      Dry January (or any month!)

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