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Crown Ambassador Randy Schroeder to Speak at Believe This April

Mar 15, 2019 Crown Ambassador Randy Schroeder to Speak at Believe This April

Kannaway events are known for providing our family of Brand Ambassadors with the unrivaled knowledge and experience they need to quickly reach ever higher levels of success in the CBD oil market – and the upcoming Kannaway Believe National Convention in San Diego will be no different!

This April, network marketing expert and Kannaway Crown Ambassador Elite Randy Schroeder will speak at the Believe National Convention in San Diego where he will reveal the tips, tricks, and tools necessary for you to climb up through Kannaway’s ranks and reach its highest levels.

Randy often discusses the importance of attending Kannaway functions, including regional events and Kannaway National Conventions, as part of his success. He can be seen after most events walking out with a big bag of Kannaway products he purchased, taking advantage of our special event pricing to get deep discounts on his favorite and best-selling products, improving his business’s bottom line.

A high activity level within the Kannaway system is more important than any particular skill in building a Kannaway business according to Randy. Besides attending events, Randy keeps busy by strengthening his downlines and mentoring those in his organization one-on-one. He also hosts regular web sessions and has created training functions that are available to all Kannaway members, sharing the techniques behind his own success so that others can attain their own dreams as well.

Randy has also been instrumental in Kannaway’s expansion into Europe, speaking at events around Europe and promoting the many benefits of CBD and the Kannaway system.

Kannaway hosted these events to help build excitement, recruit new distributors, and educate existing brand ambassadors on the best practices for growing their CBD oil business. Randy’s passion for CBD oil and Kannaway was on full display as he spoke at these groundbreaking European events.

A twenty year veteran of the direct marketing industry, Randy is always eager to share his proven techniques. Randy regularly preaches that success breeds success, and in Kannaway, the surest way to reach high levels of achievement is through the success of fellow Brand Ambassadors, especially those in your downline.

In addition to his role as a Brand Ambassador, Randy created a training module that he shares with his fellow BAs. He regularly teaches his 10 steps to success at Kannaway events where he describes his insights into the industry and shares his passion for the success of others.

Randy revealed, “One of the many roles of leadership is to do that which we would have our members do. To this extent, we are committed to the continual development of this developing leadership structure. The future is bright. We will do all in our power to make it so for you!”

See You in San Diego!

The Believe National Convention will feature many exciting speakers and special guests like Randy Schroeder. Visit our news feed for more Believe speaker spotlights. We hope to see you all in San Diego.

Believe Event Details:

  • April 13-14, 2019
  • Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina
  • 1380 Harbor Island Dr. San Diego, CA

Events like the Believe National Convention are an important opportunity for Kannaway’s Brand Ambassadors to immerse themselves within the Kannaway culture, network with fellow Brand Ambassadors, and gain the skills and information necessary to create a sustaining Kannaway business.

Still need a ticket to Believe? You can get yours here.

Brand Ambassadors who have ticket vouchers from qualifying value packs can learn how to register them here.

Kannaway has reserved a hotel block at the venue’s hotel. To reserve your room at our special rate, click here.

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