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Congratulations! You’ve helped raise $700 for Gael

Dec 3, 2021 Congratulations! You’ve helped raise $700 for Gael

There are so many sick children in need, and through Kannaway’s partnership with the Por Grace Foundation we are able to fund additional help and support that they so desperately need. 

Por Grace is an incredible organization that provides invaluable support to individuals and families through educating and campaigning.  Por Grace Founder and CEO, Mayela Benavides was intrinsic in campaigning to get cannabinoids legalized for children in Mexico with severe medical conditions.

We are thrilled to share with you that, again, you’ve helped to raise the $700 funds needed to get 9-year old Gael a transfer wheelchair.  

This means that now Gael’s family can now take him out to play ball in the park, in safety, with his brother, and have the reassurance that if he suffers a seizure, they can keep him secure and transport him home safely.

Your gift to Gael is not only life-changing for him but also for his family – so from Gael’s family to yours, we thank you for your compassion and donations to help this exceptional child.



We would like you to meet 2-year old Angel who needs your help.

Angel spent the first 42 days of his in hospital having been born prematurely.  Angel attends regular therapy sessions, but his family does not own a wheelchair – they have to borrow a chair, when and if one is available. This means that often his mum needs to carry him in her arms when they take the bus to attend his therapy.  Through your donations you’ll not only be giving Angel a custom-made, specialized wheelchair, you’ll also be giving his mum some extra dignity and confidence.

Kannaway family and friends, we invite you to support this initiative through your donations – no matter how big or little the contribution, every single penny will go towards making a big difference to Angel and his family.

Kannaway has donated over $3 million in life-changing CBD products since 2017, largely through the generosity of our Entrepreneurs and Customers. Our company was founded with a goal of helping those in need through the health and wellness benefits of CBD.

Did you know that you can set up a regular donation directly from the Kannaway website - you will be making a big difference to many more children with debilitating conditions that need extra help and support – could you spare $5 or even $10 each month for this worthy cause? 

Kannaway Entrepreneurs can also download a special badge to display their support for Angel and the Por Grace Foundation.

Please join us in this fundraiser and give an amazing gift to a family in need.

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