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Coming Soon: Updates to Ranks, Recognition & Compensation Plan

Feb 3, 2021 Coming Soon: Updates to Ranks, Recognition & Compensation Plan

From the very beginning, one of the primary cornerstones at Kannaway is our pledge to supporting, encouraging and rewarding Brand Ambassadors who are actively engaged in sharing Kannaway with others.

In 2021, as our company committed to a vision of focus, we found that there were opportunities to better support our community by streamlining and upgrading our Compensation Plan.

That’s why, during our Kannaway FOCUS 2021 Kickoff Event on Saturday, January 23rd, we were thrilled to unveil some upcoming updates to our Ranks and Recognition program!

Keep reading to learn about these upcoming Compensation Plan updates, which are scheduled to go live in the coming months.

Introducing Team Elite

Achieving a new rank is a great accomplishment! Achieving a new rank and maintaining it is truly something to be celebrated. For this reason, we are introducing Team Elite recognition!

Those who earn a place on Team Elite will get access to some very special perks and exclusive recognition, including wonderful Team Elite-specific goodies while you’re celebrating your achievements on the Elite Retreat.

To be a member of the Team Elite and benefit from all the perks that come with being part of the team, you must achieve Regional Director or higher, and maintain your highest achieved rank, for 9 out of 12 months. Those who haven’t been with Kannaway for at least nine months can still become a part of Team Elite by maintaining their highest achieved rank 75% of the time after earning your rank.

We love celebrating Brand Ambassadors who have been able to achieve long-term success in Kannaway! Team Elite launches on February 15, 2021.

Discontinuation of Elite Level Ranks and Updating Executive and Area Director Ranks with Elite Volume Requirements

We’ve always strived to better recognize our high-achieving Brand Ambassadors who really go out there and build a long-term successful business in Kannaway. That’s why, in 2017, we introduced our Elite Ranks, which would offer special recognition for those who grew their Kannaway business from rank to rank with Elite Volume (EV), rather than Group Volume (GV). Since then, we realized that these dual Elite level ranks caused unnecessary confusion.

With that in mind, as of April 1, 2021, we’re discontinuing our dual Elite level ranks.

We also want people who have grown their Kannaway business to understand the way they need to build from the beginning. This is why we are also updating our Executive and Area Director ranks to require Elite Volume for qualification.

Once these changes go live, the Elite designation will refer to Brand Ambassadors with Team Elite qualification, and advancing to all ranks that have an associated Minimum Income Guarantee will require you to generate Elite Volume to achieve the rank.

The qualifications for advancing ranks will not change with the discontinuation of Elite level ranks. As of April 1, those looking to achieve Regional Director, National Director, International Director, and Vice Presidential Director ranks will need to do so with Elite Volume.

We believe these changes will help remove any uncertainty around our ranking system and the steps required to advance rank to rank in Kannaway. We also believe requiring Elite Volume for Executive and Area Director ranks will encourage new Brand Ambassadors to build the right habits for building a long-term successful business in Kannaway from early on in their enrollment.


Q: When will this change be made?

A: April 1, 2021

Q: What will someone who previously achieved a Non Elite rank be recognized as?

A: Anyone who has previously achieved Regional, National, International, or Vice Presidential Director before April 1, will continue to be recognized as their highest achieved rank in the Kannaway system and at events.

Q: Will this affect how my commissions are paid?

A: Current Brand Ambassadors are not affected by the Elite Volume Requirement for Executive Director and Area Director Minimum Guarantees. This applies only to any BA that enrolls with Kannaway after March 31, 2021, or existing Brand Ambassadors who have never achieved the rank of Executive or Area Director.

New Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) Requirements

Kannaway’s Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) is a very unique component to our industry-leading Compensation Plan and a remarkable selling point for joining Kannaway. Our willingness to commit to a MIG is representative of how confident we are in our company and products.

As a Brand Ambassador, you should be working continually to move your business forward. The compound effect of consistent, persistent small steps that over time make overwhelming differences.

To encourage Brand Ambassadors to strive for continued growth in Kannaway, we’re making updates to the requirements for qualifying for MIG.

New Requirements for Qualifying for a Level’s MIG

Previously, our Minimum Income Guarantee requirements included:

  1. Personally maintain 110 PV monthly
  2. Personally maintain a minimum of 3 active, personally sponsored Brand Ambassadors in 3 separate legs who each maintain a minimum of 110 PV monthly
  3. First time qualifiers or re-qualifying at a rank requires 2 consecutive months at that rank to qualify for that level MIG

Now, our Minimum Income Guarantee requirements include:

  1. Personally maintain 110 PV monthly AND personally enroll 110 PV in customer or BA volume monthly OR personally maintain 220 PV monthly, which can be achieved through sales to customers.
  2. Personally maintain a minimum of 3 active, personally sponsored Brand Ambassadors in 3 separate legs who each maintain a minimum of 110 PV monthly
  3. First time qualifiers or re-qualifying at a rank requires 2 consecutive months at that rank to qualify for that level MIG

New Ways to Waive the Two-Month MIG Minimum

At the same time, we recognize that temporary drops in rank can and do occur, so we’re introducing two new ways to waive the second month of qualification for MIG. Previously, a BA would have to earn a given rank for two consecutive months prior to being eligible for the MIG associated with that rank.

Now, a BA has two opportunities to have their second month of MIG qualification waived:

1. If an existing Executive or Area Director qualifies at a lower rank, the 2nd month qualification will be waived if the following is achieved in personal enrollment or personal customer volume during the month after having missed Rank/MIG qualifications:

  • Executive Director: 1500 BV
  • Area Director: 3000 BV

2. If an existing Brand Ambassador qualifies at a lower rank, the 2nd month qualification will be waived and they will become eligible for MIG immediately if the following volume amounts are met:

  • Executive and Area Director: 2x
  • Regional - Vice Presidential Director: 1.5x
  • Presidential Ambassador and above: 1.33x

This update supports our existing BAs who have temporarily dropped in rank and are looking to quickly bounce back and get right back to their continued rise through the Kannaway ranks.

These changes to our Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) go live on February 1, 2021.

Introducing a Brand New First-Step Manager Rank

Every great journey, whether large or small, starts the same way; with someone taking the first few steps and starting on their own path. So, we’re excited to introduce a brand new first-step Manager rank!

Our new Manager rank requires the personal enrollment of 3 new Brand Ambassadors with 110 BV in initial orders.

The introduction of the new rank of Manager lets people achieve their first milestone in line with the Kannaway Compensation Plan, and then continue by repeating that process.

Our new Manager rank will go live April 1, 2021.

Updating Director Rank

With the introduction of our new Manager rank, we’re also making updates to the requirements for advancing from that first milestone of Manager to Director.

Currently, the requirements for advancing to Director includes:

  • Maintain at least 28 PV monthly
  • Personally enroll and maintain three active Brand Ambassadors placed in three separate legs
  • Maintain a minimum of 600 Qualified Group Volume (GV) monthly with no more than 60% from any one leg

Moving forward, advancing to Director will require reaching a minimum of 1000 Qualified Group Volume (GV) in a month, with no more than 60% from any one leg.

These updates to our Director rank will go live April 1, 2021.

Part of our greatest pride in Kannaway is offering one of the most lucrative Compensation Plans in the direct selling industry. We hope these upcoming changes excite you and motivate you to grow your business in Kannaway even larger in 2021!

Stay up on Kannaway updates and announcements by regularly visiting the Kannaway News Feed.

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