Checklist for Your New Kannaway Account

Jul 10, 2019

Your new Back Office is finally here! Once you have successfully logged into the new site, please make sure to verify that all the information displayed is correct, including:

  • Payment Methods
  • SmartShip Setup
  • Billing/Shipping/Contact Info
  • Placement/Sponsorship - “Your Account”
  • Check to make sure all members of your downline have been added appropriately
  • Make sure your customers have transferred appropriately and are happy
  • Order history has transferred correctly

On our FAQ Page, you can find a comprehensive directory of Kannaway’s training videos. Watch our Navigating Your Back Office - First Steps After Logging In video to make sure you are properly set up on our new account page.

Please check out our all new News Feed so you can learn more about Kannaway’s latest updates and developments. Also, we’ve attached our User Guide for your reference.

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