CBD Products for everyday use

Feb 3, 2020 CBD Products for everyday use

CBD Products for everyday use

CBD oil and other CBD products containing hemp as an option to increase an individual's wellbeing and overall satisfaction, has well and truly arrived on the European market... at last one might say. It is therefore not surprising to find a growing market that attracts entrepreneurs as well as fans of the hemp and CBD where they can buy, sell and use the various products.

The positive effects of hemp seems to be undebatable. Studies are being made, positive results are shared on social as well as in mainstream media in an increasingly prevalent fashion.
Kannaway has thousands of satisfied customers who have seen and experienced results from using the Pure Gold Oil.

CBD Levels

As is quite common when new opportunities arise, there is competition on the markets. And some of the modus operandi for competitors is to spread false information in order to scare people away by confusing them with misleading facts and figures, based on claimed information they have accumulated by way of supposed research on for example Kannaways products, criticizing CBD levels and the potency of the CBD Oil , whilst promoting other CBD brands. It’s the oldest trick in the book and through the internet, can be quite effective these days. It falls under the category of, “whoever shouts the loudest and is seen the most is right”....or are they?

Not quite. Just because something is stated on a website doesn’t make it factual, especially not when it comes from a competitor or a biased source with harmful intent. It would be the equivalent of if a car manufacturer badmouthed a competitor with incorrect statements on their website, and in so doing, hoping this would sell more of their own cars. No one would fall for that. But in the confusing state of EU and Austria visavi what CBD is and how it should be used, and which product a potential customer can choose, some associations opt for this solution in order to spread fear and confusion regarding specific CBD products. Fake news it’s called these days.

Misinformation by Arge Canna

One such entity of misinformation is Arge Canna. Here is a website run by people who are upset because of Kannaway’s tremendous growth in Austria and the large numbers of satisfied customers for Kannaway’s Pure Gold Oil and also, since Kannaway is sold through the Direct Selling/MLM system, that is being used as a negative angle as well, even though direct selling and Direct Selling/MLM, is an established accepted and regulated way of commerce that attracts a lot of interest and people all over Europe and certainly in Austria as well.

Arge Canna states amongst other things, that they have purchased a bottle of Pure Gold and sent it to a lab for testing, concluding it did not contain the amount of CBD that Kannaway states. Did they in fact do this? Who knows? If they did... the supposed results produced could also be manufactured to suit their purpose.
There is one lab and institution however, that is of indisputable recognition all over the world, that has tested the products and published the results.

CBD Contents - tested by FDA

In 2015, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration/US) randomly selected, ordered and bought various CBD products available on the market from stores as well as online (unbeknownst to the various different manufacturers), in order to test the contents and publish their results. The FDA published the results in the Journal of Regulatory Science regarding manufacturers label claims on CBD products.

Three products from the Medical Marijuana Inc., portfolio (the mother company of Kannaway) were tested by the FDA. Each product exceeded its label claim for CBD concentration. Kannaway’s mother company was in fact the only company of those tested by the FDA, who not only contained stated content, but also exceeded it by a small amount. In one of the products (RSHO Blue) the claimed CBD content was 17%, and the FDA found it to be 17.7%. In contrast, some other companies who claimed that their products contained 20% CBD... showed zero (0 %) CBD!

FDA testing products, under these circumstances in the US, is to be taken very seriously. As far as other supposed claimed lab results go, one does only have to ask oneself; which one would you trust? FDA, with no vested self interest, or a competitor who has used a lab that they cooperate with to substantiate said claims, whether true or false?

First CBD Oil featured in the Prescriber’s Digital Reference

Furthermore, Pure Gold is the first ever hemp derived, food grade CBD oil to be featured in the standard reference for medical doctors, the so called - the Prescriber’s Digital Reference. This is a compendium of pharmaceutical medications and dietary supplements for doctors and pharmacists in the US, to check ingredients.

Claimed CBD Levels

Some other confusing “info” on various websites including Arge Canna’s, is the fact that they seem to completely ignore the difference in recommended daily usage of products by mixing advice to “patients” and medical use of cannabis while mentioning Kannaways food grade products. These are two very different things. Again to use a car analogy, it is like comparing what a truck can load and deliver as opposed to a regular family car. Two cars, two different purposes, but they both go forward on four wheels, albeit very differently.

Their reference to the amount of CBD levels per “drop” is also highly unscientific and completely irrelevant. What is important is how much CBD, how many milligrams per serving or per day.

So let’s address that statement from them and clarify the issue.

For example, the pharmaceutical version of CBD known as (Epidiolex approved by FDA), is an isolated semisynthetic version of CBD which is dosed by bodyweight. 25 mg per kilogram of bodyweight is the standard. Young children who take this are receiving 400 mg to 700 mg CBD daily. If these children were adults ...they would be receiving anywhere from 1500 up to 2000 mg on a daily basis. This high dose, clearly shows the distinction between a medical product and a food grade product. It is important to know that pharmaceutical CBD in this form has shown liver toxicity starting at 1mg per kilogram of body weight - or about 70mg of CBD per day for the average adult. The prescribing information following this version of CBD mentions elevated levels of toxic liver enzymes of ALT & AST. In some cases severe health issues and even deaths have been reported by users of synthetic cannabinoids as THC, Spice and K2 from very elevated liver enzymes.

That leads to another discussion regarding products with CBD for different purposes. There is is a huge difference between medical applications and food grade products when it comes to cost. Treatment with Epidolex costs approximately 36 500 USD per year. In Europe patients will often not see the true cost of medications since they are covered by the tax system. However, it is clear that we are talking about very different applications when comparing a food grade CBD oil with a pharmaceutical product that has 12% concentration of CBD.

In comparison, a 120 ml Pure Gold bottle, is a 1% concentration food oil, and the 30 ml is a 2% concentration of CBD. Kannaway recommends 50 mg of CBD daily as a health and maintenance routine and one can clearly see the difference in price and concentration of the synthetic version of CBD vs a high quality food product. This is not difficult to understand.

Pure Gold is designed as a healthy dietary food oil so you can supplement your internal endogenous cannabinoid system.
One 120 ml bottle contains 1000 CBD - or 8.3 mg per ml. It’s approximately a 1% concentration serving size 32 mg of CBD (30 servings per bottle).

The low concentration was chosen to create a safe, legally compliant product providing 1000 mg per bottle. A higher % concentration does not make a product better, it just changes the serving.

The smaller bottle with 2% concentration does not make it twice as good. It is simply to accommodate the serving in a smaller bottle as an option for the consumer. It is the exact same Pure Gold Oil.

The situation regarding CBD and it’s uses and legality in various EU countries however, is quite clear on the one hand, but also a bit clouded on the other. This is due to a couple of things where Austria is a good example. For example, a decree was put out by the Austrian organisation BMASGK which was reported by the media as law which was incorrect. It was not a binding legal document but a recommendation, which in itself was not based on following prevailing EU law in the matter.

CBD Oil as food

However, the simple and short answer to the question of if CBD oil and products containing CBD is legal in Austria is yes! If it is advertised as “food” and not as medicine! This is a distinction that is very important to take note of and be sure to understand the perils of if not followed. Kannaway Austria as a company are very meticulous regarding all their info in this area to make absolutely sure that they abide by the laws that are actually in place as of today regarding CBD oils and products with CBD content in them. Kannaway is NOT a medical cannabis company, it makes NO medical claims nor offer any medical advice. Kannaway is a lifestyle company with the philosophy that a person does not have to be sick, or have a doctors prescription to take advantage of non psychoactive CBD by way of supplementing the daily food intake with such ingredients, specifically designed by Kannaway for that purpose.
Arge Canna as well as others, seems to be under the impression that CBD oil is a medicine and repeatedly refer to it as such on their site. It is not!

Promoting CBD oil as medicine in Austria is risky and illegal. Anyone doing so should think twice. The repercussions might be severe. Until the proper authorities in each respective country all over the world, put their stamp and approval on it as a medicine, one simply cannot promote it as such.

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