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CBD for the Win: Golfers Embrace Cannabidiol

Sep 8, 2019 CBD for the Win: Golfers Embrace Cannabidiol

As one of more than 115 cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant, cannabidiol, or CBD, has been making waves in the sports world recently. Known for its balancing effects, CBD has a variety of properties that make it a go-to supplement for professional athletes of all stripes. That’s why it’s no surprise that popular CBD-infused products have been making rounds in everything from basketball to football, and even golf.

Golf, in particular, requires coordination, patience, and strategy—a skill set unique to many other sports that place more of an emphasis on speed and stamina. While initially weary of the effects CBD might have on their golf game, the World Anti-Doping Agency officially removed CBD from its “Prohibited List” in 2018, allowing its use by Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) Tour athletes.

Despite varying degrees of criticism from CBD skeptics, acceptance of CBD is growing. Several PGA Tour players, including 2009 U.S. Open winner Lucas Glover and 2012 & 2014 Masters Champion Bubba Watson, use and endorse CBD products.

While the visibility a high-profile golfer provides should stoke more mainstream acceptance of the industry, plenty of mislabeled and low-quality CBD products are flooding the market, making it difficult to distinguish the good from the bad.

Luckily, when it comes to Kannaway, there’s no need to worry. We remain committed to only using the best farms, the most effective techniques, and the highest safety standards when formulating our products. And we’re not planning on slowing down anytime soon!

To read personal testimonials from former and current professional athletes about their experience with Kannaway products, visit our K-Sports Page. Or visit our News Feed to get the latest company updates.  

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