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April 2021 FastStart Qualifiers

May 18, 2021 April 2021 FastStart Qualifiers

Today, we’re excited to recognize the Kannaway Entrepreneurs who became FastStart Qualified in March 2021!

Achieving FastStart Qualification is a key first step when you're building a successful long-term business in Kannaway because it leads to higher commissions over time. With FastStart Qualification, you earn three-times the Direct Sales Commissions (DSC) on Value Packs sold to personal enrollments and customers!

FastStart and Re-FastStart Qualifiers

Congratulations to the following new Entrepreneurs in Kannaway who became FastStart Qualified for the first time, as well as our existing Entrepreneurs who took the steps necessary to become Re-FastStart Qualified, last month!

First-Time FastStart Qualifiers

Abigail Guiter - United States

Aiko Nakajima - Japan

Airi Baba - Japan

Akiko Obata - Japan

Alberto Casales - Mexico

Alma Nelly Perez Jimenez - Mexico

Ana Carolina Alderete Gutiérrez - Mexico

Ana Santos - Portugal

Andreas Auke - Norway

Angela Seber - Austria

Atis Zilbers - Latvia

Atomu - Japan

Atsuko Mita - Japan

Atsushi Nishio - Japan

Attila Libor - Austria

Ayano Yonemoto - Japan

Ayumi Kurebayashi - Japan

Ayumi Tajima - Japan

Barbara Rocha - Portugal

Berenice Perez - Mexico

Boges Cavalier - United States

Carla Conceição - Portugal

Carla Patricia Silva - Portugal

Carlos Lopes - Portugal

Carmen Luz Zamora Trevizo - Mexico

Casandra Lord - United States

Cbd Shop Alabama - Japan

Charles Lonest - United States

Chiho Kamiya - Japan

Chika Sanefuji - Japan

Chikako Seki - Japan

Chinatsu Sasaki - Japan

Christiane Georgine Castellanos Mendoza - Mexico

Cindy Sawyer - United States

Claudia Martinez Alderete - Mexico

Cristina Molina Fernández - United States

Cuitlahuac Badillo - Mexico

Daniela Schweiger - Austria

David Garista Saavedra - Mexico

Deena Eebly - United States

Dina Bottos - United States

Dmitry Shishov - Russia

Don Wells - United States

Dr. Alfredo Rodriguez Sandoval - Mexico

Earl Skarky - United States

Edison Williams - United States

Edite Eva Krisan - Portugal

Eli - Spain

Elisabete Chambel - Portugal

Ellen Lysann Lerchner - Austria

Elly Nørgaard - Denmark

Emi Ishibashi - Japan

Eri Baba - Japan

Eric Reinecke - Mexico

Ervina Serjani - Greece

Etsuko Nakashima - Japan

Fern Roberts - United Kingdom

Ffms Oliver - United States

Filipe Goncalves - Portugal

Froilan Robles - United States

Fukiko Kato - Japan

Fusae Yamamoto - Japan

Georg Karczewski - Germany

Gerard O'Shea - United States

Gerardo Moreno Simg - Mexico

Gina Orsino - United States

Guillermo Alvizouri - Mexico

Hagibizs Llc - United States

Hanako Uzumaki - Japan

Haruko Tazawa - Japan

Harumi Katagiri - Japan

Heather Mcauley - United States

Heidy Sauceda - Mexico

Helia Team - Portugal

Helialba & Humberto Lima Confalonieri - Switzerland

Hideaki I - Japan

Hideki Minoura - Japan

Hifuminotane - Japan

Hiromi Isobe - Japan

Hiroshi Tsutada - Japan

Hitoe Iida - Japan

Ilya Karpushevskiy - Russia

Irma Gomez - United States

Isabel Cristina Vázquez Ruíz - Mexico

Isabel Silva - Portugal

Iwona Kołak - Poland

Jay Holmes - United Kingdom

Jonathan Jose Perez - Mexico

Jose Antonio Vilar De Jesus - Portugal

José Armando Arriola Guzmán - Mexico

Jose De Jesus Flores Aguayo - Mexico

Jovana Cristina Villalobos Morán - Mexico

Juan Alberto Sierra Villegas - United States

Juan Felipe Figueroa Restrepo - Mexico

Julie Castaneda - United States

Kanji Shimizu - Japan

Kaori Bando - Japan

Karina Vanessa Nakamura Chavira - Mexico

Katsuaki Yonekawa - Japan

Kazue Kuranishi - Japan

Kazue Shimizu - Japan

Kazue Shinno - Japan

Kazumi Hosono - Japan

Kazumi Nakano - Japan

Keiko Osaka - Japan

Keita Saito - Japan

Keizou Kinoshita - Japan

Kinuko Fukukawa - Japan

Kinuyo Konno - Japan

Kiyoko Yoshida - Japan

Koji Toyoshima - Japan

Kotaro Kushida - Japan

Koto Okada - Japan

Kristin Dielmann - United States

Kyoko Kaito - Japan

Leonidas Stergiadis - Greece

Leonor Almeida E Brito - Portugal

Lovas Janos - Slovenia

Luis Enrique Avalos Perez - Mexico

Luna49 - Japan

Luz Elena Herrera Flores - Mexico

Luz Maria Hernandez - United States

Machiko Uemura - Japan

Magnolia Reis - Switzerland

Maki Takimoto - Japan

Makiko Takezawa - Japan

Mari Nishi - Japan

Maria Blanca Samaniego Soto - Mexico

Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez Sandoval - Mexico

Maria Guadalupe Reyes Gutierrez - Mexico

Mariana Escárpita Echavarría - Mexico

Mariko Kubota - Japan

Marisol Martinez - Mexico

Martha Chaparro - Mexico

Martina Macova - Slovakia

Masae Hirayama - Japan

Masae Kurimura - Japan

Masae Tominaga - Japan

Masaki Nishina - Japan

Masaki Yabe - Japan

Masako Sasaki - Japan

Masami Naneki - Japan

Masaoki Kakizaki - Japan

Masatoshi Noda - Japan

Mayela Guadalupe Cañamar Ramírez - Mexico

Mayumi Inada - Japan

Melissa Gallozzi - United States

Miguel Angelo - Portugal

Miharu Wakai - Japan

Miki Chaen - Japan

Minoru Tanaka - Japan

Misa Chung - Japan

Misako Kojima - Japan

Misao Sato - Japan

Miyabi - Japan

Miyuki Hamlin - Japan

Moira Fitzpatrick - United States

Morgan Kiefer - Sweden

Nadezhda Silchenko & Svetlana Shershen - Russia

Nancy Davis - United States

Naoe Murayama - Japan

Natacha Nogueira - Portugal

Norikazu Katagiri - Japan

Noriko Matsumori - Japan

Noriko Nishimura - Japan

Nozomi Sasao - Japan

Nuno Araujo - Portugal

Paddy Chen - United States

Pedro Pires - Portugal

Rage Skarky - United States

Reiko Kubota - Japan

Reyna Esther Barrera Quintanilla - Mexico

Ricardo Oliveira - Portugal

Risa Sakashita - Japan

Riz Team - Portugal

Robert Birgmann - Austria

Ronald Lord - United States

Rudi W Grentz - United States

Sachiko Sakihama - Japan

Sandra And Earl Skarky - United States

Sandra Skarky - United States

Satomi Takagi - Japan

Sawa Msako - Japan

Sergio Ribeiro - Portugal

Setsuko Yamaga - Japan

Shiduku Hata - Japan

Shina Umezu - Japan

Shioka Kushida - Japan

Shoji Sakaguchi - Japan

Shoko Shiozaki - Japan

Soei Takegawa - Japan

Steven Eldefonso - United States

Sueko Matsui - Japan

Suzuki Natumi - Japan

Suzuko Seko - Japan

Tadashi Kubota - Japan

Takako Tamura - Japan

Takako Watanabe - Japan

Takashi Komamonoya - Japan

Takashi Yamamoto - Japan

Thomas Schneider - Austria

Tomoko Kanda - Japan

Tomoko Maruyama - Japan

Tomomi Okanishi - Japan

Toru Moriyama - Japan

Toshiji Mitsuhashi - Japan

Toshiko Aotani - Japan

Toyoko Suzuki - Japan

Uchino Yumiko - Japan

Veronica Hernandez - Mexico

Victor Fimbres - United States

Victoria Eugenia Robles Méndez - Mexico

Viktoria Los - Russia

Wen Norsep - United States

William Nelson - United States

Yayoi Ito - Japan

Yoko Isobe - Japan

Yoko Mimami - Japan

Yoko Taguchi - Japan

Yoshie Kaneko - Japan

Yoshimi Toshida - Japan

Yufuki Shimano - Japan

Yukako Kashiwagi - Japan

Yukie Tomobe - Japan

Yuko Atsuga - Japan

Yuko Kondou - Japan

Yuko Tanaka - Japan

Yuriko Shintani - Japan

Yuya Toyoda - Japan

Zsolt Kurilla - Hungary

Людмила Михалева - Russia

Марина Александрова - Russia

Светлана Шлома - Russia

Re-FastStart Qualifiers

Agnieszka Trzaskowska - Poland

Akira Yoshizawa - Japan

Alzbeta Celarova - Slovakia

Artur Casimiro - Portugal

Billy & Sue Wilkinson - United States

Cbd Shop Toyota - Japan

Daniel Sarver - United States

Etsuko Takenoue - Japan

Eva Hrescakova - Slovakia

Kazuya Tsutada - Japan

Kyomi Nishio - Japan

Marcelo Abraham Ziliani Manzor - Mexico

Margarita Yarza Nava - Mexico

Michiko Hata - Japan

Pdm (Cbd México) - Mexico

Sandra Dias Alves - Portugal

Tomoko Saito - Japan

Tomoyo Komamomoya - Japan

Yoshiko Tokutake - Japan

How Do You Become FastStart Qualified?

FastStart Qualification is available for both new and existing Kannaway Entrepreneurs. If you're new to Kannaway, you need only to purchase a Value Pack during enrollment or within the first 30 days of enrollment and then, within that initial 30-day period of time, enroll three separate Entrepreneurs or customers who also acquire a Value Pack. All of our Value Packs are now FastStart qualifying.

New Entrepreneurs can also acquire any Value Pack within the first 30 days of enrollment and then in that 30 day period of time, also accumulate 3,000 BV in Elite Volume, to become FastStart Qualified.

If you're an existing Entrepreneur, you can become Re-FastStart qualified every single month. To qualify in a particular month, all you need to do is enroll at least 3 new Entrepreneurs or customers who purchase any Value Pack within a month’s period.

Make sure you and your team members take advantage of the opportunities that come with qualifying for FastStart, the quickest path toward success in Kannaway!

Regularly visit the Kannaway News Feed to make sure you stay on top of our latest initiatives, promotions, business-building opportunities, education, and more.

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