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Announcing Door-to-Door Shipping to China & The Philippines

Feb 15, 2022 Announcing Door-to-Door Shipping to China & The Philippines

We are thrilled to announce that Kannaway, The World's Premiere Cannabis Company, is now shipping our products to China and The Philippines!


You’ve just extended your customer base by an additional 544 million households – so now you have an extraordinary opportunity in front of you to leverage and set yourself up as a founding Kannaway leader in China and The Philippines!


Kannaway is not yet officially open in China or The Philippines and will remain NFR until further notice. But you have the chance to put Kannaway products into every single home in now in China and The Philippines too. 


Kannaway products for China will be shipped from the Hong Kong distribution centre, products for The Philippines will be shipped from the Utah, US distribution centre and sent directly to the front doors of customers. These products will be subject to import tax and a shipping fee.  Go to the store now to see the new Value Packs for China and The Philippines and range of single Kannaway premium products.


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Customer Support Team.


We are the movement committed to taking action and driving positive global change with a vision to put hemp in every home around the world.  Take advantage of this brand-new market and share the vision by helping others to discover Kannaway.

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