An Unexpected Result of Social Distancing: A Cleaner Planet

Apr 3, 2020 An Unexpected Result of Social Distancing: A Cleaner Planet

The coronavirus has sparked a lot of unfortunate but necessary change across the world over the last few weeks. 

Cities have gone into lockdown, trains and airfare have all but nearly stopped, public spaces are emptied, and major events have been cancelled. Much of everyday life has come to a screeching halt—as have much of the world’s output of fossil fuels.

In cities like Los Angeles and Atlanta, fog pollution has lifted, revealing clearer views and improved air quality. There’s considerably less traffic, which means fewer accidents and reduced carbon emissions.

While much of the news has been grim surrounding COVID-19, if there’s something good to come from all of this, it might be that social distancing is finally giving Mother Nature the chance to breathe a bit. 

This shutdown of activity across sectors has had a positive impact on the climate, and has demonstrated what a cleaner world would look like.

Although the self-isolation can be rough, especially for such an extended period of time, it does give entrepreneurs like yourself an opportunity to grow and nurture your Kannaway business. 

Remember—the world may be very different than it was not long ago, but Kannaway’s products continue to be sourced from the most pristine, cannabinoid-rich hemp plants grown in our family-owned hemp farm in Northern Europe.

Additionally, with the support of Kannaway’s fulfillment center, customer support, and online tools, you can continue to run your business while you self isolate. 

We hope you empower yourself and others to take advantage of this valuable time to take your Kannaway business to new heights.

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