All Value Packs are Now FastStart Qualifying

May 18, 2020 All Value Packs are Now FastStart Qualifying

Still trying to get FastStart qualified? Then you’re in luck!

The Kannaway team is excited to announce an incredible opportunity for new and existing Brand Ambassadors (BAs) to become FastStart Qualified.

Moving forward, ALL Value Packs will be FastStart eligible. Yep—that even includes Starter Packs!

It’s important to note here that this is NOT a promotion, but a permanent upgrade to our compensation package!

A quick refresher on the FastStart program—this offers you the opportunity to earn triple Direct Sales Commissions (DSC's) on Value Packs sold to personal enrollments. This means you can earn three times the initial DSC on every first Value Pack you sell to a new customer or BA during your entire time in Kannaway.

Becoming FastStart Qualified also brings the opportunity to earn other additional commissions with Kannaway.

FS 3000

Achieving FastStart 3000 status earns BAs up to $1,000 in additional commissions paid over two months.

FS 9000

FastStart 9000 qualifiers receive an additional $1,000. Like the FastStart 3000, FastStart 9000 qualifiers must maintain a minimum of 110 PV in their 2nd and 3rd months, (days 31-60 and days 61-90) to earn the FastStart 9000 Commission. The $1,000 FastStart 9000 Commission is paid over two months as well.

And it goes without saying that our Value Packs feature a wide array of hemp oil products and are the best way for new members of the Kannaway team to get a leg up when growing their Kannaway business.

Don’t let your friends and associates miss this opportunity to get FastStart Qualified, try our new products, and put themselves on the quickest path towards success at Kannaway. 

Stay up-to-date with Kannaway, including news about all of our upcoming events, our ever-growing product line, and the opportunities presented by Kannaway on our News Feed.

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