Accelerate your Potential MIG in February

Feb 1, 2020 Accelerate your Potential MIG in February

With February right around the corner, we are launching a new promotion that you’re sure to love!

When qualifying for the Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) for the first time, Brand Ambassadors have a two-month rank qualification. This means that you have to earn a given rank for two consecutive months prior to being eligible for the MIG associated with that rank. 

However, not for February! This month, when a Brand Ambassador achieves a rank higher than their paid rank in January, Kannaway will waive the second-month requirement in order to earn that rank’s MIG.

For example, if in January, your paid rank was Executive Director, and in February you achieve the Area Director rank, then you will be eligible for the Area Director MIG level of $2500 and would be paid out on March 15th. 

Please keep in mind that all other MIG and rank requirements will remain the same during this promotion.

This offer applies to your rank and MIG eligibility in February only, so be sure to start maximizing your earning potential asap!

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*Note: This promotion runs from February 1st through February 29th and is subject to change or amendment at any time.


How do I find out what my paid rank for January is?

Log into your Kannaway account, and in your back office dashboard home page, look at the box titled “Stats.” The top line will say “Last Month Rank” and this is the rank you achieved for January.

Is the MIG Accelerator for new rank advancements only?

No. This promotion is for everyone. For example, if you are an Area Director who had a slow January, and have a paid rank of Executive Director, you would normally have to achieve Area Director again for two months in order to re-qualify for the Area Director MIG. In February, if you achieve Area Director, you’ll be paid that level’s MIG.

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