What Makes Kannaway's Hemp CBD Oil Oral Applicators Unique

Jun 4, 2020 What Makes Kannaway's Hemp CBD Oil Oral Applicators Unique

You’d have a hard time finding Hemp CBD Oil Oral Applicators outside of Kannaway. Often referred to around the office as our “secret sauce,” these unique botanical concentrates are extracted from hemp, tested for quality, and packaged with no additives. With a rich and viscous texture, they are as close as you can get to the hemp plant itself.

There are several reasons why we offer this special type of hemp CBD oil when countless other companies do not.

Keep reading to discover more about these unique hemp CBD oil products, including an explanation of what makes them distinctive and why you can only find them at Kannaway.

What are Hemp CBD Oil Oral Applicators?

Before diving into why our hemp CBD oil oral applicators are special and unique, let’s take a moment to explain what exactly these CBD products are.

Kannaway’s hemp CBD oil is a botanical extract sourced directly from superior non-GMO hemp grown naturally, without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. We use a supercritical CO2 process to safely pull this premium hemp oil from the plant and rigorously test is using our three-step Triple Lab Testing® standard. This all-natural, full-spectrum hemp CBD oil is then packaged with no other ingredients or additives.

Hemp CBD Oil Oral Applicators offer much more than CBD. The hemp oil found in these products also contains a long list of beneficial organic compounds native to hemp, including omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, proteins, terpenes, flavonoids, an extensive list of vitamins and minerals, and trace amounts of a number of cannabinoids.

Filled with nothing but hemp’s cannabinoid and nutrient-packed profile, this hemp CBD oil has a thick, viscous consistency that is often described as a paste. It comes in an easy-to-use oral applicator with either a dial or plunge system that allows you to dispense the perfect serving size.

You simply need to hold your daily serving under your tongue for 60-90 seconds for fast absorption, or swallow it on its own or mixed with food to absorb the oil more slowly through digestion.

What Makes Kannaway Hemp CBD Oil Oral Applicators Unique

Hemp CBD Oil Oral Applicators are unique to Kannaway. Here are three reasons why these hemp oil products are so special:

  • Hemp CBD Oil Oral Applicators feature all-natural hemp oil and nothing else. Other companies may use unadulterated hemp CBD oil formulate with, but they don't actually give you access to the raw hemp oil material like we do. Our oral applicator products do not contain any additives that are used to dilute the oil.
  • These all-natural botanical hemp extracts are packaged in convenient oral applicators. Many people out there rely on consistent daily servings of CBD oil. These oral applicators feature handy measure markers on their side with an easy-to-use plunge system so that you can dispense an exact amount of hemp oil each time.
  • Hemp CBD Oil Oral Applicators are efficient. Since they contain a relatively higher concentration of CBD than other types of products, it takes less to deliver the desired amount of CBD to your body's systems. These CBD oil products are among the most potent available, ranging from 50-120 mg of CBD per suggested serving.

At Kannaway, we believe that these natural botanical concentrates can play an important role in our wellbeing. Rather than only use our hemp CBD oil only in the formulation of other products, we elect to present the cannabinoid and nutritional value of unadulterated hemp CBD oil.

Interested in trying out our “secret sauce”? Browse our entire line of Kannaway Hemp CBD Oil Oral Applicators.

This line includes some of our most well-received products, including our Premium Hemp Oil Oral Applicator, made by blending raw and decarboxylated hemp oils, and our Gold Premium Hemp Oil Oral Applicator, which presents decarboxylated hemp CBD oil that has been filtered for a more refined taste.

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