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What Does Kannaway's Soil to Sale™ Promise Mean?

Dec 11, 2020 What Does Kannaway's Soil to Sale™ Promise Mean?

Today, hemp and CBD are quickly becoming more and more accepted by mainstream consumers across the world. However, this wasn’t the case when we first began researching the potential benefits of the Cannabis Sativa plant nearly a decade ago.

In the beginning, there was no technology to produce, harvest, and process hemp on the scale we envisioned. There was no safe, clean, industrial, and solvent-free way to extract cannabinoids, no quality pipeline, and no reliable manufacturing processes. So we invented them!

Thanks to that small handful of hemp pioneers and their unrelenting persistence, people and families all over the world now have access to the world’s finest cannabis and CBD products.

Despite what some might try to tell you, all CBD and hemp oil are not equal, and more and more subprime products are making their way onto the market than ever before. That’s why, as leaders in the space, we’re more dedicated than ever to providing the highest quality CBD you can find anywhere.

Our ongoing commitment to use the best farms, the best techniques, the highest safety standards and to provide the world’s best education on cannabis and CBD are the four key elements are what make up our Soil to Sale™ pledge.

Key Element #1: Soil

Our team searched high and low to find the right farm, one that could adequately source our ingredients and meet our standards. Our search eventually led us to one of the world's leading agricultural and horticultural countries: The Netherlands.

There, we found a partner who meticulously cared for his crops, regularly testing the ground and soil to cultivate the highest quality hemp for our customers, free of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. Since the beginning, these veteran farmers have produced thriving, 12-foot tall, robust plants while relying on their expertise passed down from farmer to farmer over generations, natural substances, and ecological farming methods.

Cultivating hemp without chemical additives is important, as all cannabis plants are bioaccumulators and absorb the compounds and substances found in soil. Toxic pesticides and fertilizers can leak into the plant and make their way into finished CBD oil products. Growing our crops without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers is also a healthy option for the environment, as it prevents toxic residuals from leaching into nearby soil and water sources.

Thanks to nutritious soil, an ideal microclimate, responsible farming practices, and the perfect cultivar of licensed and registered European hempseed, our hemp serves as an incredible source of CBD and other nutrients found in our CBD oil. Our farming partners have helped us set the standard for sustainable and safe hemp cultivation and ensure that our hemp oil products are safe as possible right from the earliest stages of our process.

Key Element #2: Process

Our hemp plants naturally produce a high concentration of CBD, supported by a wide array of other nutritious compounds, including terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, amino acids, other cannabinoids, and more. It’s our goal to deliver this nutritious blend intact, so instead of using toxic materials like propane or butane, we went the natural route.

Motivated by ensuring the safety and quality of our products, we use clean CO2, rather than damaging solvents, to pull the full spectrum CBD oil from the plant’s fibrous stalks. The stability of the CO2 allows hemp oil to be extracted with little damage, and because of its low toxicity and environmental impact, it has become commonplace in the food industry. Although it’s more expensive and requires skilled and experienced lab technicians, this reliable choice in extraction process helps eliminate any risk of contamination.

This initial step in the process involves as little refinement as possible, leaving the CBD hemp oil in its most unaltered form. From there, we use other light touch methods, like simple heating and a proprietary filtration process, to craft our distinct hemp CBD oil formulations.

Our commitment to quality continues all the way through to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, where our world-class staff follow all current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to formulate high-quality products that you, your family and friends can rely on.

Key Element #3: Safety

With safety being our top priority, the quality assurance that begins in our fields is then certified in labs. The guidelines we created help ensure the safest, best quality products using the purest ingredients for our customers. So, we developed a rigorous multi-step lab testing process, or Triple Lab Testing®, to ensure it meets our Soil to Sale™ standards.

Established to protect you, and your families, this stringent, industry-leading quality and safety testing process involves independent laboratories examining the purity and cannabinoid content of our CBD oil at three separate points throughout manufacturing.

We inspect our hemp CBD oils after initial extraction and again just prior to formulation. Our finished products are then subject to a final test. Throughout these independent lab tests, skilled examiners measure cannabinoid content (including CBD), as well as check for any contaminants. Even though we cultivate our hemp free of herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers, we carefully inspect our oil after harvest for anything that can negatively impact the quality of our products.

These quality control measures are chief among the reasons why we were one of the first companies certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, the country’s premier CBD oil quality certification organization.

Key Element #4: Education

Our commitment to excellence doesn't end when our products are ready to sell. We believe we have a responsibility to help educate as many people as possible about the importance of the endocannabinoid system in our bodies, and the vital role cannabinoids like CBD play in our wellbeing.

Over the many years since we began, we and our parent company have been able to educate lawyers, financial institutions, production and manufacturing vendors and even governmental agencies around the world. Our commitment to helping people learn more about cannabis, hemp and CBD led to being featured in numerous publications.

We are dedicated to making hemp a part of people’s everyday health and making cannabis a force for good. We believe that cannabis can benefit people all around the world, and we envision a future where cannabis and hemp have become a cornerstone of society.

Our Soil to Sale™ quality commitment gives our consumers and Brand Ambassadors confidence that the CBD oil products they receive from us are safe and high quality. It’s also helped millions of people gain an understanding of, and access to, the health and wellness benefits of CBD around the world for the first time.

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