Turn Leads Into Customers: Introducing QuickCart

Sep 30, 2020 Turn Leads Into Customers: Introducing QuickCart

At Kannaway, we're always striving to find new ways to help our dedicated community of Brand Ambassadors spread the word of Kannaway with new customers. Today, we’re excited to share that we’ve launched a brand new feature designed to make it easier than ever to convert your new leads into new customers.

Say hello to QuickCart!

With our new QuickCart customer program, you can now offer customers your own customized product bundles and then direct them to check out without any distractions. Do you find you have your favorite collection of Kannaway products that you suggest to new customers? Now you can pre-fill their cart to make their checkout process even easier.

Keep reading to learn more about QuickCart and how it works.

What is QuickCart?

QuickCart is Kannaway’s new customer program that’s meant to help our community of Brand Ambassadors (BAs) enroll new customers.

Rather than having to recommend to a new customer that they visit the Kannaway shop and select a particular collection of products, registered BA’s can now pre-fill the shopping carts of their potential new customers with their own customized product bundle selections.

For example, if you’re a Kannaway BA who specializes in CBD beauty care, you can create a pre-loaded cart of the Cannabis Beauty Defined products that you often recommend to your new customers. If you tend to introduce Kannaway to current and former athletes, you can create a QuickCart link with your own bundle of products that athletes tend to prefer, such as our Salve, Pure CBD Liquid, and Premium Hemp Oil Oral Applicator.

Once you’ve created these QuickCart links, you can share them with new potential customers. When a person clicks the link, they will find that the items you pre-selected are already in their cart and they’ll be taken through an expedited checkout process and enrolled as a new customer.

Please note: QuickCart can only be used to enroll customers. New Brand Ambassadors cannot be enrolled through QuickCart. If you add a Brand Ambassador fee to a pre-filled QuickCart basket, it will be removed automatically once a person clicks on the link and arrives on the website.

How to Use QuickCart

The QuickCart customer program makes it easy to pre-fill your customers’ carts with your own product bundle selections. If you’re a registered Kannaway BA, here’s how to set it up:

Step 1: Add Products to Shopping Cart

First, make sure you’re logged in to Kannaway.com. Then, just like if you were shopping for yourself, visit the Kannaway shop and add the items you want to recommend to new customers to your shopping cart.

Step 2: Click "Save & Share"

Once you've arrived to your cart, click the "Save & Share" button. By selecting this option, you’ll be able to save the pre-filled basket that you will then be able to send to customers.

Step 3: Copy the Link or Save the Basket for Later

From here, your pre-filled cart is ready to share! Simply click on the “Copy” button to the right of the link, and you can text, email, or post that link right to your potential customers.

Is this particular pre-filled cart something you see yourself offering to lots of different people in the future? No problem! You can also give your basket a name and click the “Save Basket” button, and later you can find this link again in your back office and share over and over again.

Step 4: Retrieve Your QuickCart Link

Your saved baskets will remain accessible in your back office. Anytime you’re ready to share a QuickCart link with a new customer, simply log in to Kannaway.com and use the main menu to navigate to Business > Saved Quick Carts.

What Happens When a Customer Clicks Your QuickCart Link

When a customer clicks your QuickCart link, they will be taken right to a customer enrollment page on the Kannaway website with a pre-loaded cart containing the items pre-selected by you.

With the products already in their shopping cart, all your lead needs to do is enter their contact details and payment information. After a final chance to look over their order details to ensure they are correct, they click "Order Now" to have their order processed. That's it!

With its new expedited checkout process, the new QuickCart customer-recruiting program reduces the steps a potential customer has to take from awareness to action.

How to QuickCart: Watch the QuickCart Tutorial Video

This tutorial video of Kannaway's new QuickCart feature walks you through the entire process of building a QuickCart and saving and sharing a QuickCart link. It also offers a view into the new streamlined checkout process prospective customers will experience after clicking a QuickCart link.

Further Details

Are you a BA who has expanded your reach into zones outside of your own? While Kannaway product availability varies by zone, you can still use QuickCart to recruit new customers in other regions by taking an additional step during the QuickCart link set-up process.

After logging in to Kannaway.com, change your region to that of your potential customer’s by clicking the region-selection drop-down from the top right corner of the page. From there, you’ll be able to create a QuickCart link containing products that are available in your potential customer’s location.

As noted earlier, please keep in mind that the QuickCart program works as a customer-recruitment tool only. It does not work for enrolling Brand Ambassadors.

We hope this new QuickCart customer program is helpful as you spread the word of Kannaway to new customers!

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