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The Kannaway Difference: What Makes Our European-Grown Hemp One of a Kind

May 13, 2020 The Kannaway Difference: What Makes Our European-Grown Hemp One of a Kind

All CBD oil is not created equal. And unfortunately, more and more subpar products are making their way onto the market than ever before. 

The truth is that the key to creating the most incredible CBD hemp oil begins long before our products ever reach your customers. 

Everything impacts the way plants and food grow – from the climate to the altitude, from the location on earth to the ecosystem around it, from the heritage of the seed, to the experience of the farmer who tends it. 

Choosing the Best Hemp

This is why Kannaway tested over 3,000 cultivars when looking to bring the first CBD oil products to market, with our search eventually leading us to one of the world’s leading agricultural and horticultural giants, the Netherlands. There, we found the right partner whose farm could provide the ideal ratio of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids to create the products we intended. 

Benefitting from his family’s generations of experience from growing hemp on their farm, our farmer cares meticulously for his crops with regular testing of the soil to cultivate the most incredible and quality hemp for our customers.

The standards for our hemp plants used in the creation of our CBD oil products are second to none: non-GMO, grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.

European Grown and Harvested Hemp

Unlike hemp growers in the U.S., who only have a few years of experience, cultivators in Europe have been growing hemp for generations. In fact, countries like the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and France rank among some of the largest hemp producers in the world. 

Hemp grown in the EU is registered as well, meaning it must adhere to certain standards to be deemed eligible to grow, sell, and consume. This eliminates the possibility of marijuana products being labeled or treated as hemp products. Why should you care? When you buy CBD hemp oil from Kannaway, you can be sure it truly comes from hemp.

Choose Kannaway

Beginning with one farm as the source of our flagship and life-changing products, we continue to look around the world for superior farms and farmers to supply our ever-increasing need for the world’s best hemp to continue supplying more and more new customers each day, but we will never compromise on the standards for our hemp, or any other ingredient that goes into one of our products.

After all, our role as an industry leader has driven us to innovate at every step. From planting our first hemp seeds to developing our first no-detectable-THC products, Kannaway will always find ways to further perfect our CBD hemp oil pipeline to bring the highest quality products to you and your family.

Learn more about Kannaway, including our latest news and developments, on our News Feed.

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