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Spring Skincare Starts Now

Feb 16, 2021 Spring Skincare Starts Now

Springtime is nearly upon us! That means we’re approaching the time for renewal, as fresh flowers bloom, temperatures gradually rise, and your skin emerges from the harshness of a dry, low humidity winter.

Your skin is definitely ready for a shift in seasonal skin care! With the help of Kannaway Cannabis Beauty Defined, you’ll awaken your skin from its winter hibernation to achieve your most glowing, healthy complexion. Integrating CBD into your skincare ritual in the morning and evenings will help bring more balance and nourishment to your skin all season long.

Your spring skincare starts now! Starting today, February 16th, enjoy big savings on our entire Cannabis Beauty Defined line!

Right now you can enjoy savings on the Cannabis Beauty Defined Beauty Bundle (Now $156.25 retail / $125 wholesale / 110 BV) for a complete skincare routine at 45% off, or save big on your favorites of the five hemp-infused products:

Burdock & Hemp Cleanser (Now $35 retail / $28 wholesale / 26 BV)

Designed to gently wash away dirt and oil while possessing powerful antibacterial properties that calm and soothe your skin.

Licorice & Hemp Exfoliator (Now $35 retail / $28 wholesale / 26 BV)

A unique resurfacing formula made up of purifying herbal ingredients that polishes and balances the skin.

Green Tea & Hemp Perfecting Mask (Now $35 / $28 wholesale / 26 BV)

Known around the Kannaway office as a “facial in a bottle,” it purifies and hydrates your skin while improving its tone and texture.

White Peony & Hemp Serum (Now $42 / $35 wholesale / 26 BV)

An intensive, one-of-a-kind antioxidant and anti-aging serum formulated to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Ginseng & Hemp Moisturizer (Now $35 / $28 wholesale / 26 BV)

Deeply nourishing, hydrating, and protecting to rejuvenate your skin while smoothing the appearance of fine lines.

Don’t miss out on your chance to begin a comprehensive CBD skincare routine that will leave your skin healthy and gorgeous just in time for spring.

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Note: This promotion is available to customers and Brand Ambassadors in the United States only. Japan not included. Discounted pricing will be viewable once you add your desired item(s) to your cart. Discounted prices are for in the store only, SmartShip pricing remains the same. This promotion is subject to change or amendment at any time.

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