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Product Spotlight: Get to Know Kannaway Boost

Mar 9, 2021 Product Spotlight: Get to Know Kannaway Boost

Keeping your immune system strong year round by eating nutritious foods and getting enough sleep and exercise is key for your journey toward health and happiness. With our Kannaway Boost immune support chewable tablets, a product like no other on the marketplace, you can further set your body’s immune system up to take on immuno-compromising invaders.

Today, we turn the spotlight on Kannaway Boost, one of the revolutionary wellness products that make up our Evolve Bundle. This kit, made up of Kannaway fitness products and tools, helps support you in achieving your fitness and wellness results as you participate in our 8-Week Evolve program. However, with its innovative formulation, Kannaway Boost is an incredible immune support product on its own and can be a valuable addition to anybody’s daily wellness regimen.

Keep reading through our Kannaway Boost product spotlight for a full overview of this remarkable immune support supplement, including details of its formulation, benefits, and tips on how to best incorporate into your day.

What is Kannaway Boost?

Kannaway Boost is a daily immune support supplement that’s been carefully crafted to supercharge your body’s own innate and adaptive immune responses to help them perform better.

Kannaway Boost is not just another antioxidant blend. Instead, it’s specifically formulated with two powerful and widely-overlooked ingredients:

  • Proimmune®’s Immune Formulation 200®: A patented composition of amino acids that’s been university-proven in in-vitro tests to increase bodily glutathione levels.
  • Vitamin D: A mood-promoting prohormone responsible for turning on the immune system.

Kannaway Boost comes in the form of a chewable tablet. It’s packaged in a 60-count blister pack, enough for a full month of incredible immune support.

What are the Benefits of Kannaway Boost?

Health and wellness are top of mind for people across the world, and Kannaway Boost is carefully formulated to give your body’s immune system the tools it needs to best do its job of protecting your body against invaders.

The exciting immune support benefits of Kannaway Boost can only be explained by diving into the natural effects of its fantastic ingredients.

Proimmune®’s Immune Formulation 200®

Proimmune®’s Immune Formulation 200® is a patented formulation of three amino acids plus selenium. Together, they provide the building blocks your system requires to maintain optimal production of glutathione, an antioxidant so important that it’s commonly referred to as the “Master Antioxidant.”

Glutathione is the most important part of your immune system, without question. Your cells, all 40-trillion of them, make their own glutathione, provided they have the building blocks to do so. Glutathione is such a powerful antioxidant that if your cells are making a sufficient amount, it renders the need for outside antioxidants like vitamin C completely useless.

The creation of glutathione only happens within the cells’ walls. You cannot ingest the antioxidant, as your stomach will break it down. And while it can be injected through an IV to clean out the blood, from there it’s never able to make its way into your cells.

That’s what makes Proimmune®’s Immune Formulation 200® so incredibly valuable. It provides your cells with all the precursors needed to facilitate their own production of glutathione, which in turns sets your immune system up for success.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a potent prohormone that encourages a healthy immune response in both the innate and adaptive systems. Vitamin D plays a critical role in activating immune system defenses and is known to enhance the functioning of your body’s immune cells.

Vitamin D also helps naturally promote better mood by serving as a building block to serotonin, an important chemical and neurotransmitter in the human body. In the day, serotonin helps promote happiness and an overall better mood. In the evenings, when the sun goes down and your body cools and is exposed to darkness, serotonin converts to melatonin, helping you sleep better at night.

Together, Proimmune®’s Immune Formulation 200® and Vitamin D support the functioning of your immune system through two different pathways, igniting your body’s natural immunity and supercharging your health and wellbeing.

How to Use Kannaway Boost

Kannaway Boost is meant to be used as an everyday supplement to provide optimum immune system nutrition.

To keep your immune system fed and happy, it is recommended that you take one Boost tablet, twice daily. You’re welcome to take them together in the morning, in the evening, or split them into two separate servings throughout the day.

Kannaway Boost comes in the form of a chewable tablet. It has a slight citrusy taste, but was deliberately designed not to be overly sweet or flavorful as to be considered a snack. It has a pleasant, slightly chalky texture, which we deliberately didn’t formulate out to ensure the product contained only all-natural ingredients.

Kannaway Boost is best used with hemp CBD products. As a plant-derived cannabinoid, CBD also encourages a more optimal functioning of the immune system by nourishing the body’s endocannabinoid system. A well-operating endocannabinoid system effectively modulates the immune system, and CBD indirectly interacts with the endocannabinoid system’s receptors to positively influence its performance.

And when used alongside Kannaway’s Pure CBN products, Kannaway Boost can work synergistically to further support better sleep, restorative sleep.

Want a pro tip? Evolve leader and renowned nutrition and fitness expert Dan Miller recommends taking your daily servings of Kannaway Boost with a meal, but they can also be taken without food if you prefer.

Get Started with Kannaway Boost

The entire Evolve product line, including Kannaway Boost, is meant to support your evolving journey toward health and happiness. Order your Kannaway Boost today to begin providing your body with optimum immune system nutrition. Or, get prepared to join our Evolve 8-Week Challenge by picking up the Evolve Bundle, which comes with two packages of Kannaway Boost.

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